What servants are you guys excited for?


I was just curious as to which new servants you guys feel excited about. They don’t have to be coming out this year, they can be pretty far off

For me it’d be Jalter Berserker, Rider Artoria and i’m also pretty excited for Hokusai and Achilles.

At least Jalter Berserker isn’t limited lmao

Let me know in the comments! :fgo_dshy:

edit: how dare i forget okita alter and eresh, smhh



Okita Alter


my female fetish pent
and suzuka gozen mainly
and bb


Abigail williams
Okita alter


for me, the main 2 are maid alter, who i will max grail to match salter and lalter, and skadi. not cuz of quick memes, but cuz scathach is my 2nd fav character after the baber alters.

those 2 are the ones i’ll spend money if it comes down to it.

the others i’m looking forward to are kiara, eresh, tomoe, hokusai, semiramis, jalter berserker, umu caster, jeane archer (2nd form…), valkyrie, yu miaoyi, bradamante, nyanyanta alter,… okita alter

i’m sure i missed more, but yeah… maid alter and skadi are the main 2, the other are just hopes and dreams of getting


I see you are a person of culture


Im excited for:

(Except for #1 these are not in order)

  1. Nero Caster: I <3 Nero!
  2. Maid Altria Alter: <3 Salter
  3. Summer BB: she looks like a dark Sakura!
  4. Ereshikgal: Ishtar’s better half
  5. Achilles: a quick tank for my quick team
  6. Abigail: Cthulhu witch!
  7. Benienma: a saber loli for the all Loli support group I am making and calling “The Loli-pop Gang!”
  8. Caenis: I love his/her myth long before I ever heard of fate!

I would be excited for Skadi, but I hate servants that are “must have” just to make a team work.


Suzuka Gozen (foxgirl)
Nero Caster (UMU!)
Assassin Nito (I don’t have her as a caster, so I can probably get her when I spend all my SQ and tickets rolling for Nero)
Katou Danzou (I just love her character art)
Osakabehime (I see her NP animation in every Fino video, and I love it)
Ereshkigal (Too bad we didn’t get her with Babylonia)
Atalante Alter (catgirl)
Jeanne Archer and Zerker Alter (More Jeanne!)
Assassin Ushi (Alter Ushi when?)
Summer BB
Mysterious Heroine XX


Okita Alter
Atalante Alter
Jeanne Alter
Valkyrie !!!


Sigurd and Shi Huang Di

  • Hijikata cuz he’s fun to play with (I have this stupid idea to give him Necromancy CE and tempt RNG :D Tho I probably won’t have him from the first banner but stiiiill! Plan big etc). And his 2nd stage art is gorgeous.

  • Holmes cuz many reasons PLUS him being a Ruler, me not having one, and that nifty Ignore Def for 3 turns party-wide effect in his NP

  • Abigail cuz… I don’t know, I just like her.

  • Semiramis - same as Abigail. Also, if I get her, I’ll need Amakusa too for ship reasons.

  • Anastasia just because have you seen the name of her third skill? :'D On the more serious note, the art is pretty, the skills are useful, so why not.

  • Salieri cuz I have a weakness for Avengers.

  • Achilles cuz Apocrypha.

  • Okita Alter cuz I remember times when she was called Majin Seiba, and then it turned out that she isn’t even Seiba now :'D Plus, she’s an Alter Ego, and her design is cool.

  • Sigurd cuz I could write all this stuff about skills etc but SHIP REASONS! And I’ll need Bryn.

  • Berserker JAlter just because she’s JAlter, one of my fav female Fate characters.

  • Saber Diarmuid cuz he’s a darling, and I really liked him when F/Z aired, and it’s devastating his Lancer variant is kinda useless. I hope his Saber self will be more suited for gameplay and not just for pretty art.

  • Shi Huang Di cuz he can be a weird butterfly mambo king (see stage 2 art) but his kit and NP are great!

  • Assassin Li Shuwen cuz he’s badass.

  • Murasaki Shikibu cuz skills-blah-blah but really - her NP animation is cool :D

Also, I think I’ll need some sort of cure from greed for obvious reasons :fgo_deadinside:

Oh, and Arthur Alter WHEN? :fgo_badciv: I remember that official art, Type-Moon!


There’s 2 servant that i really excited about (and because its 4-star so i know i gonna roll for them). It’s Consort Yu and Archer Inferno.
And maybe Murasaki Shikibu.
Well yeah you can guess why i excited about those 3.


I have so many but there is one that I wished for the most.
King Protea cuz gao


For this year:

  1. Eresh (RINFACE (and her utilities))
  2. Abby (For being a Foreigner (and being cute))
  3. Kiara (MAYBE cuz she’s an Alter Ego ? Don’t remember)

Some I want next year(s): Hokusai, Jeanne Archer and Zerker Alter, Okita Alter, Beni, Shikibu, Kingprotea, etc…)
Maybe Skadi too but I afraid that I won’t have enough time (and mats) to raise her


BB, Altria Alter (Summer), Nero Caster, Napoleon, Skadi , Jeanne Archer and Bradamante


Berserker of El Dorado, Bunyan, Sherlock Holmes and Skadi.


Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Ho–


Saving for Thot God (read Sessyoin Kiara).


I can’t wait for Miaoyi Yu’s banner. I need her in NA too…


All four CCC Servants this coming May
Bikini Umu
Maid Alter
Summer BB
Summer Jalter
Kingprotea (Headpats FTW!!)