What servants are you guys excited for?


I guess I’m waiting for Skadi, Sherlock and Lanling Wang but I’ll be saving all my Quartz for Arthur next year because he didn’t want to come home this one.


Arthur Alter would be niceee damn


Alters rule the world! :fgo_buster:
Also, what a chance to clean up the mess that is OG Arthur skills!

  1. Eresh because lack of lancer for me + Rin face + Goddess of death

  2. Semiramis : like the character in apocrypha, she’s like a girl gil

  3. Achilles

  4. Okita alter

  5. Skadi for Quick team


I want Holmes and Kiara this year.

Hokusai, Achilles, and Saber Diarmuid next year.


Anastasia (Main priority), Osakabehime, Salieri, Summer Blavatsky, Fujino and Hokusai.


That a eas y answer, no one. Since I’m F2p with F luck. The only thing I excited for us reaching 1300 sq on Feb 2020 from saving, and 172 tickets.

Skip ping every banner.


I mean, you do you, but what’s the point of saving if you aren’t going to use it


So this year we have

  • Merlin last apparition (september)

  • Musashi last apparition (october) + next new year campaign)

  • King Hassan last apparition (november)

  • December Eresh

why be so mean Gasha God?


I already given up. The shiny rainbow gem stone is for me to look at and admire. Same goes for the Charlie Factory chocolate ticket.

I wish I could save up to 2000 sq like the F2p on reddit.

It not like I expect anything from the amoun t I saved up, since my luck is F. Patient never get rewarded in Fgo, all it grant is salt for patient.


I am ready for my quick teams to no longer become just memes. Give me Skadi!


I see. In that case, continue to flex on everyone who has no sq after getting nothing from the gacha :fgo_buster:


Hmm let’s see…

  1. Melt cause it’s Sakura face
  2. Umu Caster (best Aoe caster)
  3. Both Altria Summer (I don’t need to explain)
  4. King Hassan (l doesn’t get him with 400sq which is fine tho cause I get np4 altria & np2 tamamo as compensation.
  5. Asagami (she is cute)
  6. Achilles (good bro)
  7. Skadi (why shouldn’t u?)

My wallet & credit card is ready. Bring it on RNG or whatever it’s called. ^


Honestly, I’m mostly looking forward to SRs this year.

Summer Nobu, Kato Danzo, Wu Xetian, Suzuka, Tomoe, and those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head.


Im mainly waiting for metryllis (mainly due to me having her in jp but when i deleted the app i thought i had the code for the account turns out when i re downloaded it it was another account code i saved up so yeah i lost melt…)


Saber Fran/Assassin Nito
Lancer Raikou
Abigail Williams


Ooh. I’d love to have Sigurd, Saber Diarmuid, Achilles, Holmes and Lanling, for husbando reasons. (Holmes, since I have Moriarty; Lanling bc his extra attack is funny.)

I also want that Japanese-looking man (forgot his name) that wields katana. Wears kimono, has dark, quite long hair, has a scarf and a cute smile. I just saw him on YouTube. I think he’s a 3*.

Semiramis! Liked her in Apocrypha.

Also Skadi! Shishou! :sob:

And I’m more excited on welfares that we’re going to get this year! (Read: f2p) BB, Bunyan (she’s cute), Mecha Eli, and Rider Ishtar, among others. Also re-runs of Shiki, Iri, and Seiba Lily (she’s cute) in the future! Sieg, too, bc his extra attack and NP animation is really cool.

Getting NP5 SR servants without touching my hard-earned sqs is always nice.


Eresh: Not-so-useless goddess deserves love, and I need a 5-star lancer. Rinface only seals the deal.

JK Saber: Cute. I love her design and VA and she looks fun to play.

Holmes: I have Moriarty and I could use a Ruler. Besides that NP gives me eargasms and his Extra Attack is too memeworthy.

Melt: Out of all Sakura faces, she would be top of my list aside from Kama or maybe Parvati. Saori Hayami VA is a big plus.

Maid Alter: Carnival Phantasm flashbacks, and that NP is just too cool to watch.

Ryouma Sakamoto: What more can you ask for? The man dresses with class, fights alongside his dragon wife and they are Welfare servants! If I cannot get Majin Saber, then at least I have the best consolation prize from GUDAGUDA3. Yeay~! Pisu, Pisu~.

Summer Jeanne/Jalter: Need I say more? One comes free, and the other is a literal master over whales.



Old Li Shuwen: He’s badass. Enough said. Also, that Extra Attack.

Skadi: Need I say more?

Hokusai: Beauty, Grace, Craft, and Cthulu all in one package. Enough said.

Abigail: Foreigner, check. Cute, check. Cool NP animation, check. I’m sold.

Bradamante: A S S (also I have Merlin, and it’d be cruel not to get the two of them together.)

Sheba: My boy Roman has a top-tier taste in waifus, and I agree with him. If I don’t get Abby, she’d be a nice consolation prize. Besides that NP animation is too funny.

Kama: Dark Sakura, and how varied her Ascensions are. NP animation is beautiful, and yes, I am aiming for that 3rd Ascension. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Only the summer servants in all honesty even then i’m more interested in the 4*
I’m missing Kiyo Lancer from last years set of summer servants
I’ll be trying to complete the whole set of 4* of this summer set. I’m hoping for np2 saber fran at least though
Bryn’s return i’m very interested in. I’d like to np3 mine
Still deciding between who to go after from the foreigner class.

I’m more focused on np2-np3 my current ssr lineup and anything further than the end of the year is a little bit too far for me to get excited about.


I’m definitely excited with the following ones:

Umu Caster
Tomoe Gozen
Okada Izo
Okita Alter
Jeanne Archer

There are a couple of ones next year come at the same time…so I’m not sure how I’m going to do it lol