What servants should I use to build a team around Altria Pendragon (Rider)

I am already evolving Lancelot to pair him with Emiya and Caster Gil to do alot of crit/arts memes.
But I really I want to make a team around Rider Altria here since she is my first and only 5 star , I feel like I have good quick servants to pair her up with, but I just don’t know how to start, also any advice or hints to properly play with maid waifu would be appreciated.

If you want to amplify the nuke, then Atalante with her party wide Quick buff. She’s got the biggest Quick buff in the game now.

Apart from that anyone that can help her fill the NP bar or amplify the crits (so borrow Waver).

She provides enormous utility. Atlas + Altria can give you such an advantage in CQ. You’re essentially resetting game breaking skills back to back. I like that you’ve grailed Cu. Now imagine that his already insane survivability goes up tenfold by resetting his protection from arrows. The biggest reason to invest in Altria is this skill reset utility. Unmatched and unique. Play with it. The potential is only limited by your imagination. Another neat pair is Emiyas with Altria. Imagine his already insane crit steroid resetting with Altria.

Just some ideas to get you started. When I first began getting into the game I also tried to make stock teams to deal with any situation. But that’s not how the game works. You need to tweak and fine tune your team for every individual encounter. There is no set way to deal with challenge quests or farming nodes. You won’t actually benefit from a rigid team setup. You think before you go in, and learn as you fail. You will eventually grasp the game mechanics and be able to squeeze out all the potential of your servants. It continues to amaze me how much you can do just by thinking through a turn by utilizing your skills in the best possible way. Altria has just opened up a world of possibilities to you! Have fun!


As per every quick servant support generally falls back on a waver plus another random support unit as they currently lack any solid support in NA pre skadi.

If you’re gonna pair her up with just your units, I would recommend going for a Hans + Mash + Maid alter composition. Hans is a general support and will be able to feed her stars and give her a bit more crit damage which as she’s a rider she can naturally do quite well while Mash will be able to patch up her complete lack of defense.

Other pairings you could do replacing either Mash or Hans could be slotting in Atalante if all you need is one heavy hitting np to kill a boss and cursed arm if you want to capitalize on crits with Cursed arm feeding her the stars he generates.

Obviously if we take supports into account a Waver with 2030 will be Maid Alters best friend providing her with pretty much everything she would want.

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Due to the fact that we don’t have many strong quick supports at the moment, I’d suggest a team of Rider+Atlante+Hassan/Fuuma. Hassan/Fuuma can generate stars, while Atlante allows Rider to nuke even harder

Laughs in double Merlin Cu alter

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Might be the single exception, lmao!! Until you hit the wall with invincibility pierce and have to solo with mash in 300 turns.

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His CQ in a nutshell. Cu breezed through everything else. How did you end up doing his quest?

Asterios, Waver, Mash, Georgios and my bond 10 Herc

Asterios was there to disable the first few Stellas in conjuction with Mash’s defense buffs and Wavers np support
and Georgios and Herc were there to play cleanup duty once that was no longer enough with Georgios taking the heat off Herc so none of his guts were burnt off before the last stella.

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That’s creative. I wish I tried that. I cleared with double Merlin and Illya frontline with mash in the back. Front with guts CE and Illya NP made it to the 3rd NP, then mash took over and easily brought it to a close. It was all about using invincibility in conjunction with merlins healing to bring their hp back up from guts to where they don’t die from a single attack, using Illya’s np on his second turn and making it through the cycle. They must have made this encounter just to spite players with supports who thought they were invincible! Lmao

Maid Alter was also my only 5* for a bit, so I can understand your position. Honestly, her best feature is her massive NP damage, so you’ll want to leverage that. I found she worked really well alonside Rider Ishtar, as they both have good star weight and crit damage. Maid can setup RiderRin for big crit turns with her NP, and together they cover both ST and AoE damage. I put them both in a team with Lancer Raikou, as her AoE attack and crit star buff helped their weaker face card damage while contributing more stars. Basically, they were all semi-supports that reinforced one another and took turns as damage-dealer and star generator.

Granted, this was before I had a lot of servants to work with, and no true supports, so your milage may vary. Honestly, while Maid is really great as a single-target NP nuke, she isn’t a consistent performer, as her non-crit damage is pretty mediocre between NPs, and relies heavily on her arts cards to charge her bar, so she doesn’t get as much milage from her quick cards (which aren’t particularly strong, anyway).

Coaching is nifty, but I found it rarely accomplished very much in practice. It was nice on occasion, but pay attention to how often getting a given character’s CDs down by 1 would actually make a huge difference in the outcome of a battle. Even for a newb like myself, it just didn’t happen very often. If you save it for emergencies, you’ll end up never using it, and if you don’t, it tends to just be a win-more. In short, it’s better on paper than in practice.

I should also note that the team I quoted above had great damage output, but folded like paper under enemy fire. Maid has no defenses, and tends to bite it hard when she draws attention to herself. I suggest you treat her as a disposable nuke, because her performance in longer fights, in my experience, really isn’t good enough to bother trying to keep her alive.