What shadow raid is most annoying?

Although I am a big fan of the shadow raids, lately I am seeing a larger % of the more annoying (and worthless) ones. So I was wondering, which of the shadow battles do you find most annoying (or worthless but that is a seperate issue)? For me, the Shuckle Rock raid is the obnoxious champ. Not only is Shuckle of zero value for PVP or PVE, but it is frustrating that despite the many times I have done this raid I have not once had the opportunity to catch the second Mon which is usually a more worthy Larvitar or Pupitar. The fact that Shuckle usually leads a second raid (Bug) and is always the “catchable” / reward Mon just proves that Niantic hates us. Runner up for most annoying is a Wobuffet Psychic raid which suffers from similar issues AND it always seems that Wobuffet has a fast move which is SE to my lead Mon, no matter what I lead with. Not sure why. Anyone else got a shadow axe to grind?

Those you mentioned are also the most annoying . I avoid Rock, Bug grunt and if i see Wobofuten in Psychic, i leaving.

Ghost is also a joke. Shuppet, Duskull or Sableye are much better. Also ignoring this one.

Flying grunts also offers no worth reward, only plus is cheap purify cost to complete badge.

If i meet Hitmonlee in Fighting grunt, also leaving. Useless.

Avoiding also Poison grunts, Nidos dont look promising.

i heard rumors, that Dragon or Magicarp grunt are possible to find, but still havent that much luck. Also Ice Grunt is extremely rare, found maybe 3.

I do them for easy stardust anyway, but for me:

  • Dark Grunt: It’s literally just infested by Stunky and Stunktanks that hit SHOCKINGLY HARD for a grunt mon. If you bring fairy types, there’s a fat chance at least one of them have Poison Jab and they don’t even have standard fighting weaknesses. If I bring a ground type against them (Or Escavalier), it dies in the 2nd mon.
  • Fighting Grunt that starts with Hitmonchan. The Hitmonchans have Bullet Punch, so fairies are sometimes out of the question. They also hit even harder than the Skuntanks above even with Counter, if your mon doesn’t DOUBLE RESIST Fighting it will get melted. Also you are guaranteed to use at least 1 Shield because they wind up charge moves as quick as Cliff or Arlo’s bugs. On the old variants there’s also a fat chance to see 3 stacked Hitmonchans and nothing but Mewtwo or Moltres 1v3s them on constant terms. It’s a lot easier if they start with Hitmonlee or Machop instead.

Shuckle is the all-time meme-iest reward. :rofl: So disappointing to think you’ll get a Larvitar and then BAM…Shuckle. :expressionless:

I agree that Ghost is usually terrible. Misdreavous is awful no matter how you cut it but at least I’ve gotten a few Sableye out of 'em. Duskull would be nice though. Shiny Duskull… :drooling_face:

Water is the next worst. The Piranha or the headache-duck…tough choice! :rofl: But I keep doing them because maybe…just maybe…this one will have a Magikarp!

Shuckle is really dumb. The recent Dark Grunts are also forcing me to spend at least a Hyper Potion on my Pokemon because Bite mercilessly shreds Groudon/Landorus. Fighting can be a bit tough since all the good Psychics are glassy and the Fairies all die to Bullet Punch.

Also I once ran into a Water grunt with a Mud Shot/PuP Poliwrath. Almost lost.

Since Wobbuffet is a Psychic-type, you are most likely to use a Dark-type, but Wobbuffet’s fast moves are Counter and Charm, both of which are super-effective against Dark-types. Use a Ghost-type instead; they doubly resist Counter and take neutral damage from Charm.

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I like to use Genesect or Mega Beedrill against it.

Also, you CAN use Mega Beedrill or Gengar, you prob won’t survive 2 Confusions but they won’t go there if the first guy was Wobbuffet.

All of them. I just wish I can find larvitar, lapras, Snorlax, Machop, magikarp, & beldum. I know Sierra has lapras and beldum but for some reason Sierra annoys me the 2 grunts. I think it is because I have to get the 6 components and I don’t want to battle the grunts much.

Out of fun/sheer laziness, I run my maxed Shadow Dragonite with Dragon Breath & Dragon Claw against all basic grunts, and sometimes against the leaders if I’m feeling lucky :woman_shrugging:. Lead with another tanky/actual counter mon so you can switch into Dragonite and get an energy advantage (silly Bots), and then adjust how much of the charged move you want to charge to either farm or K/O. The myriad of resistances flying has against most grunt mons & their (typical) lack of resistance to dragon, plus the speed DB chews through everything since he’s a Shadow… sometimes I don’t even look at the screen :sweat_smile:. It was a steep investment, but it’s been one of the best I’ve made in the game so far. Add a 2nd Charged move (or CTM, whichever resource you have available) to get Outrage and you have an insane Charizard X/every-other -dragon-legendary counter, and quite the gym sweeper as well :yum:

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Only male Water grunts have Magikarp. And they are rare as frick. Found one a few days ago after not having one for I dunno how many months (just glad that I got a purified Hundo Magikarp back when these grunts were a bit more common)

Not as bad as shuckle or wobuffet, but rattata is another pretty worthless shadow.

For the longest time for me, FLYING. But now, I make her cry!

Stunky family have ground as their only weakness. Rhyperior does well against dark grunt. I usually fire off charge move against the second mon.

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Just checked and it also can learn Splash, that explains why I’ve also found it doing little to no damage to my dark type leads

Or… My Scizor

Anyone know what are the current lead Mons for the 3 Rocket leaders? Have they returned to their formerly “worthwhile Mons” (Lapras, Pinsir and Beldum) or still the fluff from a month or two ago.

They will not change yet, wait till September 10.

It’s local time, anyway.

Have done more then a few Shuckle grunts and I always was able to clear all the Pokemon with only one Pokemon. Rock I use a Kyogre, Bug I do with Heatran. At the ened I have about half HP left on my first Pokémon.

Wobuffet I do with Giratina… if I do not fall asleep (joke ofcourse) the result is the same as Shuckle I clear the three Pokémon with my lead Pokémon (and I do not even need the switch trick to have 2 more seconds without damage).

All three aforementioned Pokémon are maxed out perhaps that is the difference between your difficulties and my ease?

Wait, they’re changing on the 10th!? Oh God… (Please don’t let it be worse than Lapras, PLEASE!!)

Lapras is easy for me, because it’s just a giant punching bag with barely any offensive presence or spammy charge moves.

The worst rocket leads for me are either the Pinsir/Scyther type of high-speed attack spammers, the sneasel type of stuff (Because you can kill them too easily and render yourself having no ways to deal with the upcoming Pokemon) or anything with a STAB Tackle or Scratch, Fire Fang/Ice Fang/Thunder Fang or Razor Leaf/Counter/Charm.

Also I would absolutely NOT want to see anything with Bubble Beam, ever.