What should I do now?

Ok, so I got relatively lucky this mythic banner, with a +atk -res eir, +spd -def hel, f!f! Corrin merge and thrasir fodder. Now that I’m done summoning for this banner, I’m not sure what to do with some of this stuff. First, what should I do with my AR-D team? I have a cav line, as shown in another string, but, to those unfamiliar, it looks like this:

How should I incorporate hel into this? I’ll post builds if necessary.
Next, what should I do with my thrasir manual? Who would appreciate panic smoke or FB4? I’ll post pictures of my barracks if necessary.
Finally, should I use this eir to start an eir force team? What is the optimal build for that? Thank you all in advance.

Maybe something like this?

Eh, tbh I would’ve just kept her.

As for the cavline, yeah just slap WoM and maybe HC on Hel and that’s done. Yeah the spring breeze is better than desert with two mythics.

I’m assuming you know what Eirforce actually is.

Go Fury, Disarm Trap, double savage blow. For teams, you want people that can afford to one shot, like Navarre.

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Yes, I do know what eir force actually is. The main problem is that I don’t have a disarm trap fodder yet (hopefully that will change soon, I’m going for the mystery/shadows route and am close to getting the first merge for P!Genny). What is a good alternative until I have disarm trap?

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I just go with WoM on mine. In the circumstance where Eirforce is ineffective, then you can WoM and snipe someone or smite your own unit out.

If you’re running multiple harsh commands on Hel and Yune, switch Hel and the healing tower. Apart from getting full value out of the healing tower, this means you can’t shut down both harsh commands with a single Mila.

Hel should probably be running some sort of bond in the a-slot and Hardy bearing, distant counter wouldn’t have that much value on a sniper unit, I’d imagine. Hardy bearing helps against B!Ike for the most part, and some annoying vantagers like Y!Marth.

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Don’t change Yune for Hel, Hel offers nothing but Def over Spd and won’t debuff the line like Yune can.

Mia or Karla like FB4 and Panic Smoke. +12 flat damage per attack with their Prf and panic the next targets if using GF.

And Eir is a good dragon baiter. -Res sucks, but just hang onto her for other merges. At +10 she’s excellent:

DM seal to bait panic staffs and Reins.

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Sorry, just noticed that; she’s -hp, sorry…