What should I do with a 5 star saber?



His IVs are +HP/-DEF.


He’s got a great refine with that defensive distant counter but since you dont like him, I’d use his Shield Pulse. I feel like its an underrated skill and works great in combo with Aegis/ Sacred Cowl on units that have a Distant Counter weapon but dont have stellar res/ have mediocre res. It may not have to be the unit’s main build but it can be a handy defensive skill set to save in their aresnal for certain PvE maps

Before Saber’s refine, before the iv merge fix, I foddered a crappy iv Saber to my +4 Ryoma who had a +def-res iv. He would get murdered by mages, even greens, but Aegis or SC/Shield Pulse/ Distant Def seal really helped him- wait oh yea I also gave him Warding Breath too, that’s why he was almost always triggering Sacred Cowl- but anyways, I’d use that Shield Pulse skill if you really don’t like Saber


Use him…?

Not sure what exactly you’re asking here, lol.


I don’t like him. And he is a subpar unit.


@Kodoku - Subpar? Okay then, well. If you don’t wanna use him then you’re only other options are:

A) Fodder him
B) Send him home
C) Do nothing and he becomes a bench warmer

Pick one, lol.


@Krazytre his Def is middle of the road now bad thanks to the bane, Res is to low to work with his refined DC effect. Plus he is rather slow to be a good Sword Unit. In addition his base kit does not work well with his stats. To top it all off his special is not a damaging one, that in of itself is bad since he can’t boost his damage one bit.


@Kodoku - So… Figured out what you’re gonna do with him yet? :neutral_face: