What Should I expect From Solomon Singularity


I’m rushing the story for c.c.c and i just got to Solomon Singularity what should i expect from it? Is it like a normal singularity or just bosses?
i also heard something about raids and am really confused as to how to approach it.
any advice is appreciated


Just bosses, the raids were a thing when it first came out in december 4 months ago, back when there was a bonus to beat it before the new year i believe. You should plan to use Servants with high bond levels since high bond level servants get bonus damage modifiers in that Singularity. Mash automatically get’s 100% bonus like level 10 bond servants. Otherwise just look up the boss info for the main quests unless you want a challenge. Demon God Pillars and Goetia will be your boss enemies here.


Will say goetia you do fight I think 3 times and just want to say for the 2nd fight don’t field your main team cause he starts with a massive np buff and np first turn that unless your do proper def buff stacking will wipe about anything.

Also fair warning for the last 2 fights you’ll be unable to use your mash for story reasons so keep that in mind


For what it’s worth, your friend’s Bond 10 Herc with his bond CE can solo the entire singularity in case you get stuck.

When you get to the boss who wipes your entire front line in the first turn: either put fodder front and your real team in the backline, or use Mephisto/Mata Hari to put skill seal on him in the first turn. This will prevent him from getting the Pierce Invulnerability buff before using his NP, so at that point you can use Merlin/David’s teamwide invulnerability/evade to keep your front line from dieing.


There are ways to work around him wiping out your entire frontlline.

Using a command spell or MLB Kaliedoscope on Jalter so she can use her NP and apply her buff blocker will allow you to keep him from getting the pierce invincibility buff and then you can use evade/invincibility as usual to avoid him killing the front line. Similarly Mephistopheles has a buff blocker as his third skill to do the same thing. Mata Hari also has a skill that is supposed to prevent it as well. Having to put up with one nigh useless unit like Meph is more than worth it not to lose 3 good servants at the start.

That said, stuns don’t work.


Could’ve sworn he had invuln pierce with that first np but I don’t remember I just let him off my front and let jalter and a support Merlin have at him.