What should i spend it on?

So i have 12k Crystals and don’t know what to spend it on.
Any suggestions?

It depends of your box, can you show some pictures ?

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Yeah here:

i’ve been playing this game for almost a week now, so im pretty new to this game

If you are new and with 12k, you can do the banner LegendsUltimatePickup with the SSJ4’s, Goku Rosé etc… only 3 times for the SP guaranted ! After that, with your 9k, continue to farm cc’s and wait for the anniversary. I don’t know if you cashplay or if you are f2p, but if you are f2p, do like i said x)

I have already completed the banner Showdown and i’m a f2p.
I think i’ll hold on for the next anniversary, but thanks for the respons ^^

I don’t think you did, except Baby Vegeta, you don’t got any of the characters in the banner, if you only did once for SP guaranted, you can do it 2 more times

Ah, ■■■■, did you got 0 luck and get Super A-17 Twice + Super Baby ?