What should I summon next?

So currently I’m at 193 orbs saved up, going through the Chain Challenges to save up for more and currently developing my cavalry and flier teams.

Currently I’m saving so many orbs in hopes to get Legendary Azura when the July Legendary Banner roles around (for my flier team), though certain banners are making me question my decision, as it also allows me to either develop Gunnthra (my favorite unit in the entire game) or receive her new Summer alt.

Here’s my current thought process:

If I wait for the July Legendary banner, I’ll be able to get Legendary Azura. I’m not particularly fond of trying to get her, but she’s a very powerful unit already and the banner itself seems too good to pass up.
If I wait to summon for the June Legendary Banner, I’ll be able to get the original Gunnthra. This would be the only reason I summon on the banner, but I am in need of a +ATK Gunnthra as I do not have one already (on top of being my favorite character).
If I summon now on the new Summer banner, I’ll be able to get Summer Gunnthra and to be able to try out a ninja cavalry unit. I really love the alt personally and would really like to have it just because it’s Gunnthra, but I don’t see much of a reason to pull for her otherwise, especially since her skills seem to focus on Aether Raids which I am not currently building up right now.

Basically, is it worth it to wait for the July Legendary Banner for L!Azura or should I invest in some of the current banners for Gunnthra/Summer Gunnthra?

i’d just go with the summer banner because:
Reruns are always possible for legendary heroes. S!Gunnthra would have to wait about 6 months to come back, and probably a worse chance to get her imo. And just scouting on the June banner only for one character usually turns up bad. L!azura isn’t always needed for flier comps as YT!Olivia or Leanne can replace her as a temporary. Though I admit, l!azura is stupidly good.

I’m in a similar boat. I want to pull for the new seasonal units, but I also want to save up for July Legendary banner, as it looks like one of the best yet.

Lucky for us, the summer banner lasts way past the July legendary, so we can decide later on.

I see. I didn’t see that the summer banner lasted so long, so I’m thinking about putting a couple Orbs into the Summer banner (maybe a 100 or so) and then see how the July Legendary banner turns out. I might forego getting the original Gunnthra but since I still have a lot of orbs to collect from Chain Challenges and Tempest Trials I’ll see how it goes.

I honestly just really, really want Summer Gunnthra XD

These summer banners are here for a really long time, like, crazy long. We might even see CYL3 before the Nifl/Muspell summer banner ends. Even if you end up skipping this banner, likely they will reappear on an 8% in six months. I say hold your orbs for now.