What should my Mew move set be?

I’m newer to the game so I’m not too familiar with the meta at each level yet. I finished the Mew research and love his versatility. I want to use him in Ultra League and pair him with Alolan Muk and Sir’Fetch. I am trying to decide which build to use. Leaning toward Surf to cover ground types and Wild Charge for flying types, but also Ice Beam for flying and dragons, or perhaps a fire move. Can’t decide between Shadow claw, snarl or volt switch (if I don’t use wild charge) for fast move either. Thanks. Any Successful Mew users out there?

I use it from time to time with shadow claw, dark pulse and wild charge. Most of the time I use giratinA though. With alolan Muk and sirfetched you definitely want sth for the fliers, so wild charge is a given, I’d say. Since Gira/cress is a common core, dark pulse is also good, flame charge close second. Then you don’t have anything for swampert though. Can’t cover all of it of course, but grass knot is also ok, or a surprise STAB psychic move. Umbreon will be a problem depending on the charged move of sirfetched. As fast move nothing is better than shadow claw, with volt switch a niche thing when the teams weak vs obstagoon. Pvpoke suggests overheat and psyshock, which is also nice, but since steel is covered ok in your case, i would not go for it, but consider overheat in general, since it’s the best damage maker at all. Dragon claw only when you like to bait.
For me, personally it’s like this:

  1. Wild charge
  2. Dark pulse
  3. Flame charge
  4. Grass knot
  5. Rock slide
  6. Dragon claw
  7. Psyshock
  8. Surf
  9. Ice beam
    If you combine, just have sth ready for Gira, wild charge and surf or grass knot/flame charge is not great imo.

Psychock is what I use most, spammy STAB and decent coverage. Given your team’s weakness to fairies, something like Ice Beam or Rock Slide is necessary (for Togekiss). I’d make a prioritized list and stop at the first one you get (e.g. you get Rock Slide, don’t keep using CTMs to get Wild Charge). As @stativision said, just don’t stop on a moveset that’s walled by 'Tina or Swampy. :+1:

Almost all Mews I see run Shadow Claw (guilty) so maybe pick something else for spice? Mew’s biggest boon is its unpredictability so don’t be predictable and run Shadow Claw/Flame+Wild Charge :stuck_out_tongue:

Today someone’s blue mew had SC/Flame Charge+Grass Knot. Pretty annoying in a great league/remix situation

Wouldn’t my Sir’Fetch’d be a solid counter to Swampy with Leaf Blade??

Yeah, I didn’t really read the opening message. You are right Sirfetch’d will really scare a Swampert. You could throw a Night Slash, get a shield. Then throw another Night Slash and get another shield. When I faced Mew today I quickly switched from Politoed to Cresselia. They stayed with Mew.

I took a Flame Charge. I ended up blocking the next Grass Knot. I didn’t block the next and it was a FC. Then I soon fainted. In great league Mew is annoying unless you have a Bastiodon or Umbreon right there, Cresselia is in that same tanky ballpark and I got annoyed. Shadow Claw lessens the tankiness, but Cresselia can always take the first move. However, need to make a shielding decision on the 2nd. A Mew GK without a FC boost does 94 damage to a 138hp Politoed (costs 50 energy). Unboosted Mew Wild Charge does 104 damage to 138hp Politoed (costs 45 energy)

Other leagues you need the move besides FC to be pretty impactful to the big dogs, great league just a different center of action

Now more for Great League then Ultra but I’ve been having fun with Mew running Volt Switch instead of the traditional SC. Typically I’ve been having fun with Grass Knot + Surf.

Sirfetched is ok, but not great vs swampert when shields are in play. Swampert gets to the second (and third) hydro cannon first. This doesn’t ko sirfetched (except from a shadow swampert!) But you’re left with low health and no energy.
But you cannot react to any scenario, some games you will lose and mew is no wonder weapon and most moves have their drawbacks, it’s also a matter of play style. What I like about wild charge is that you can stack up two of them (unlike ice beam) plus it deals great neutral damage.
I first stopped with my mew in GL to get a feeling for it, but as was said, GL is different with not too many bulky things and more centered around water. So go ahead with any ok moves you see, as @captpepperjack suggested and play with it. Contrary to @captpepperjack I’d say that every moveset of mew is a surprise, even the often played wild charge/flame charge is unpredictable on its own ;)
Basically you chose if you wanna surprise the big names (cress, snorlax and giratina plus some steels will usually not shield anything, so be prepared that e.g. flame charge doesn’t do any good damage - ice beam good for Gira, overheat/wild charge good for everything else, dark pulse for Gira and cress) or play the niche card (maybe super spammy dragon claw and psyshock will get some shields if you charge enough?).
Oh and if you start late or are in lower ranks, people are more likely to shield. There I just would go for fast moves and stack them up.


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You can pair Shadow claw+Flame Charge

You could also pair Zen Headbutt with Struggle for the worst move combination in the game (too bad Mew can’t learn every move :woman_shrugging:) Maybe Struggle Bug & Hyper Beam? I can’t see many wins running that moveset