What team should i do?


Im new and i started 4 days ago but i got strong characters but i don’t know what to do with them or what characters/items i should do with them. So please do leave suggestions on what card/decks i should do/use Thanks <3 (i have lots on items and training items so leveling up isn’t a problem so dont mind the levels)

(Here is pictures of my card list)



You should make a android team with yellow cell, green extreme android 17 (he’s actually really good), and whatever other android you prefer. On bench general android buffers.


Tbh with only those few characters that are aviable to you I’d almost say that you should do a tagless team. Just use SSJ2 Gohan, Yellow cell and SP Krillin for the support and heal as your core. Swap alot in combat so your krillin gives his 20% dmg buff to gohan and cell.

On the bench put ex android 17 red and ex vegeta red for the red double buffs, + ex android 16 for the yellow double buffs.

This way you can use your 2 best characters and you get alot more power from your bench than with an android team.