What the +2 spectrum is

Just a bit to show what a difference it makes:

Might not seem like too much, but then you look at the bst
Base Lyn has 157 bst
Resplendent Lyn has 167 bst

But that’s not all, she also gets +5 from the extra DF
Meaning R!Lyn has 172 bst potential compared to current gen units
You now what current gen units have for bst? 172-173.

Yeah, Resplendent Lyn (and Cordy too) have current day BST.
And while Lyn’s still not really the destroyer of worlds like Shannan or Líf, her weapon has desperation on base
Meaning you can skip the rather eh Brash Assault for pure stats

Sure, her atk is bad. But she’s rather bulky accually with the right skills. Especially with that speed defending her. And she’s able to combo desperation with stuff like wrath, special spiral, null-follow up or lull.


Which is great and all, except that it’s paywalled and that doesn’t sit well with most players. :feh_lucyshrug: Many including myself feel like it should have been a free QoL update to freshen up lowly Gen 1 units (minus the costume switches).


Yeah +2 to all stats is definitely noticeable, but it’s still rather tame imho. A more useful and meaningful thing for most units would be if those extra stats could be alocated to a specific attribute that the hero favors (like if Lyn could get 5 more atk, 3 spd, and 2hp instead of 2 to all stats).

It sucks that non-paying people won’t get the +2 buff, but it won’t make those units OP all of a sudden…I hope.

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Paywalling bst updates for gen 1 units is stupid. What’s worse is that it’s gonna work.


+2 to all stats is noticeable but the only reason its not scary right now is because its on Lyn. It might actually be more scary on Cordelia because she’s going to now have 37/37 instead of just 35/35 attack and speed stat.


Which is why I hope it’s stricktly staying limited to gen one.
Although I do think it will be.

It brings up old units a bit, but it doesn’t suddenly make any OP or must have. Kinda like B!Ike and B!Lucina (which does make them giving out a copy of B!Ike kinda weird)


I’m not sure what you mean by +5 from the extra DF. Should it be +10 due to being Infantry Gen 1/2?

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We’ll see how they handle CYL2 refines in the future. Maybe instead of divine dew, we will have to spend our divine cash in order to refine their weapons.


That’s what they meant.

+10 instead of just +5 DF compared to everyone else who isn’t gen 1/2 infantry.


Really hate that it’s paywalled, but it would give my +1 Lyn a much-needed boost. Hate even more that the first character they’re paywalling these delightful changes behind is my favorite character in Fire Emblem. :pensive:


I see… Fair enough.

I do think it changes more for Lyn than Cordy.

Lyn uses all her stats more, and it somewhat boosts up the bulk she needs to duel well while keeping her spd in the top tier region and giving the poor attack a nudge.

Cordy only gets a real useful boost in atk/spd.
Though Cordy is already a good unit who gets boosted even more.

Do you mean, she originally could get a maximum of 5 DF but now with the subscription you get an additional 5 DF ? I thought Gen 1 infantry units usually get 10 DF.

No, no.

Just saying you should count those 5 DF for the final BST she reaches compared to current day infantry who only can use 5 total, instead of Lyn’s 10.

Still just galeforce fodder tbh

With her speed cranked, if she’s in HP range, that Brash Assault basically works as the offensive part of Null Follow up. So I would defs still refine for that

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Damn you Coffee! Now I just might have to get the Resplendent versions of Catria AND Seth…

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I swear to Naga, if they make Resplendent Donnel and Henry I’m gonna be pissed.

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One of the biggest beatings that I took in the arena was against the complete Lyn. The team played for her. Now I imagined it with more attribute and link.

IS has to launch Rath to calm her down.

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Speaking of which, it’s a shame only other “fodderable” unit having Galeforce is Cordelia. It’s been a very, very long time I haven’t summoned her. I need tons of it.

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