What the actual

Just nailed myself a freaking Karna of all things, and on a freaking summoning ticket no less :fgo_buster:

Got an Enkidu not long before that…What is actually going on. I thought my luck in this game was garbage :sweat_smile:

Anybody know which ones better? I, honestly have no clue. Both seem pretty damn cool. That much I’ll admit.

I can imagine nailing Karna being rather… hot, yes.

Different niches. Enkidu for soloist survivalist anti-Divine and/or anti-Archer thrashing, Karna for clearing a Wave of Divinity such as he did in min-turn comps last Nerofest. You will get broader usage out of Karna courtesy of his being a very worthwhile AOE Buster DPS, but both can murder Archers or Divinity for you well with proper support.

At the high-end I put Karna above Enkidu, although both are worth investing in IMO. Beyond that, you simply look at where they slot in, and Karna is quite simply played as any typical frail anti-Divine Buster DPS, while Enkidu needs to be accounted for their… weird and inconsistent NP gen, although long as you can keep them alive and firing off NPs, you can reasonably minimize party damage by way of straight up Stunning ST Divine consistently. Hits unusually hard as well.

Congrats btw.


Oh, you’re in a similar situation as me then. Different times of course, but my first 5 star Lancer was Enkidu and then Karna showed up later on.

Choice of words was not my forte it seems :fgo_ishtarshook:

Hmm…I’ll level both then, no harm in doing so. I’ll probably drop some CL on Karna first? I’ll have to decide. But thanks for the advice.

Yeah. Enkidu showed up, maybe a week or so ago? Maybe more. But Karna was pretty much a bit ago. I’m having some Enki bias because of the anime rn though :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I like Enkidu more as well, but Karna is good too. Both wreck divine enemies, so you could even bring both of them to the many Gil fights we have to deal with in this game.

No rest for the golden.

Not to be confused with the Golden, a good boy who deserves some good rest.


There’s a lot of them.

Didn’t really realize how often he showed up until recently.

What I imagine the development department does:

“Hey, we need to come up with an interlude, did you research the character?”

“Have they fought Gil yet?”

“No, but he’s not even from their myth, why would we put him in their interlude?”

“Just come up with some random reason for him to be there, the fans will love it.”

“How many times are we going to use this method for interludes?”

“Yes. Also toss him in most events while you’re at it.”

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Laziness intensifies :fgo_buster:

Congratulations on the lancer luck!

Enkidu is my strongest st lancer. He’s pretty good at generating stars. Np gain is good, assuming arts led quick cards and especially assuming crits (quick cards gain is pitiful otherwise). OC effect is increased def down before the np hits, so against really beefy targets np chains can really pay off. Plus tanky with a 10k heal and evade. I like him so much I got a second during the Babylonia anime release banner.

Karna I don’t have experience with, just know that he’s got the awkward 25% battery like arunja: 5% more than what you need in many situations (kscope) but 5% less than what you need in many more (50% ce, 20% group charger, and 25% self for a 95% total…sigh)

I wish Karna would spook me. His single banners are before/with major rolls such as Skadi and Junao/Nero Bride so its hard to splurge on him.

Congrats anyway. Both are some of the best in their roles. :+1:

I got super lucky. I’m saving for Skadi as well, so I’m attempting to avoid splurging on other units (only unit I may attempt is maybe an Alter Ego since I have none of those…)

Yeah, Iv’e used Enkidu already for a while now. He’s very fun. Helped me a fair bit earlier in the game. But since I’m cleaning up that Support List so that I can actually share it without feeling ashamed of how garbage it is, I’m debating whose actually best :sweat_smile:

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If it helps you stay strong, I can share that I’m a gross whale and almost never use my AEs except when Kiara’s 50% battery is helpful for farming a mixed cavalry event node or something.

It’s not that they’re bad units, but they’re almost always far from essential. Nowhere close to Skadi-level usefulness.

Lol. I’d be a semi whale here if I actually didn’t play FEH (which I’ve already whaled in a bit before).

I’m kinda delving more into FGO as time goes on (And less into FEH since its way more casual). Anyway, on topic. Good to know. I’ll get one someday then. Just level Lobo for my extra and be chill with it in the end.