What the best time to find Brown Centaur

What the best time to find Brown Centaur?

I have found the brown centaurs at all times of day. Day, dusk, night, and sometimes dawn. Had 4 show during community day . They are plain purple disks no highlighted colors. They do seem to generally come out more at night since the start of full moon they have been about every 3-4 traces. I farm a shopping center next to my house that has no inns forts or greenhouses but many clusters of wall to wall traces stacked on top of each other . There are always some there during the day. At night I find them closer to inns/ greenhouses. Note I live in high desert. So dry windy generally clear skys.
To sum it up they, like pixies and erklings are all times of day and night but their migration patterns during the day are. …

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here in Russia, I usually see them at night, in clear weather.

I believe day is the best time. At dusk and dawn, leprechauns are common spawns that have the same icon. At dawn, there are also doxies. At night, there are pixies. During the day, the only oddity with the common icon (no bar of color above it) is the centaur.