What thrasir to merge?

thrasir could be my favorite unit in the entire game and i am wanting to +10 her
i got 3 of her in the L!celica banner:
+res /-def

should i merge one of them or wait for the +atk one ?

Not sure. I have one that’s +Res and one that’s +Def, and I’m actually tempted to merge into the +Def one, but I dunno if it’ll actually make much of a difference.

@egervari can probably help with this one.

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+spd is great on her. Its a superboon and will probably affect her match ups more than an attack boon will. You can go +def/res to invest in her bulk too, considering that its fairly impressive when fully merged, but normally you want to prioritize her role as a nuker.


+spd all the way. I wish mine was +spd. There are pros and cons between def and res - there’s so many carries it’s difficult to pick one you want to beat. I’m using +res now @ 40+1, and for what it’s worth, she didn’t die to a 40+1 +atk W!sothis, so it probably doesn’t matter much.

I still say +spd is best. Her kit really excels with high speed, not to mention all the new units have insane speed. She’s got a super boon here, so best to take advantage of it. She can take 1 hit, but not 2.


This one’s the best for her as it synergies with [Flashing Blade 4] and it allows more doubles = more use for [Killing Intent] :feh_birbpeek:.
Also, merges carry over so don’t worry about merging now, when you get a +ATK copy you can use it as base and that one’ll get the merges of your +2 one :+1:.
I’d still go +SPD as it’s a superboon and her [Ífingr] has dragon effectiveness

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Spd easily, no such thing as too much spd now.

Then atk/hp/def or res imo.

While we all here talking about Thrasir , can someone suggest some unit to tank her? I throw a 48 resist green flying Macias to try and thrasir crush her in one battle without any buff or even got some Debuffs like yune whisper. My Mariah got 43 resist plus 6 buffed from l azura and bonus doubler buff from duo Marth. I know she got at least 43 plus 12 resist. She still drop after getting initiated by Thrasir.

Do you run Aversa? Could maybe run G Tome breaker if Surtr isn’t an issue.

With killing intent active, there aren’t many units that can tank her if she is using Luna and time’s pulse or has a precharged luna. Easiest way is to deny her follow-up since she can’t run NFU.

Bike, Fir, flora, caeda can, but some are cutting it close if they’re panic’ed and have visible buffs. If Bike has Lucina support with aether though, he can pretty easily.

AOE Thrasir is a different story.

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In my experience, precharging trashir’s special with multiple IPs is the way to success. Don’t rely on the a follow-up; that is a pitfall. The follow-up is useful to double tankier targets, but she will one-shot a lot of stuff.


I caught you. :eyes:


i’m watching the mandarian right now :P

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Pretty sure +spd is Thrasir’s best boon. I put darting blow on her, and she absolutely rocks.

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Yeah, i did the same.

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Who you gonna put SS seal on? For me, it’s a toss up between her and Alm. They are both finding it harder and harder to double things without speed in their seals…

I use L!Alm primarily in AR defense, since L!Leif is better in other modes. And since it’s AR, I let L!Alm run Hardy Bearing. I’m glad that I used the +spd L!Alm for future proof at the time when people generally preferred +atk.

As for Thrasir, I think darting blow seal is still better for her, as 2 more spd can really make a difference.

I guess in theory, ss seal should work on player-phase high atk and high spd units like B!Roy or Eliwood. I haven’t put much thought into it yet. Firesweep B!Lyn or Claude sounds like another idea. And honestly, a lot of the high spd player-phase units will benefit from ss seal.

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i will give swift sparrow seal to lucina.

Really anyone that used sturdy blow 2 seal but would rather have the speed over def should use SS now. A lot of darting blow users might want to switch too. A lot of bow users. Some melee fliers.

Merge the +Spd and don’t change it to +Atk if you get one of those (instead, run two Thrasirs, one +Spd and one +Atk). Attack is her second-best boon, after speed. As others have mentioned, stat power creep is felt the most with speed (look at those new high speed, special fighter armors), so speed is also future-proofing her.

You will want to have an Infantry Pulse team to support her, and once you do, your enemies will have a bad time. Even with only 2 IP units, Moonbow is a solid special on her, or Luna with three IP users.

Oh, and for other boons, really they all work and have strengths. She really can generally take one hit from full HP, which is not true of most glass cannon mages. I could see +Res being useful in player hands for mage dueling, and +Def or HP obviously increase her mixed bulk, helping her take that one hit (she really wants to have color advantage against brave tomes, though she can be buffed to compensate).

so reddit convinced me to merge +spd, i did that but not sur of it .

now she is at 47 spd level 40+2 and 3 flowers (doesn(t match what iv calculator says is that because of S supports?)

that spd stat is scary with l!azur giving +6 to everything which made me unsure wanting the +spd

she generaly doesn’t oneshot tankiest res units like armored mages and peagasus fliers and i thought +atk would fix that

knowing i plan to +10 max flower her would +spd make the whole difference over +atk all that added to l!azura +6 everywhere and ifingr +4 ?

(also just spent all my orbs and didn’t get thrasir so i will have to wait for next time to even consider pull +atk)