What time do you usually do battle sets?

I used to try doing all five sets in a day but losing streaks have made me learn to take breaks. I find that I get 5/5 sets pretty often when I battle early in the morning (EST). Sometimes I feel like there are less skilled players up against me, which leads to easier wins, and sometimes I feel like I’m more alert.
Is this the same for anyone else/do you have certain time you prefer to go for sets?

Here in the UK I prefer to do my battles first thing in the morning. Players eastern to us seem to suck at pvp so easy wins

I usually do the battles in the evening. GBL stresses me out and it is best that I not start my job with stress especially since my job is mainly customer service duties

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On weekdays I do my battles in the evenings after work. I do as many sets as I’m feeling that day. Sometimes all five, sometimes just a couple. On the weekends I do them in the morning before starting my day.

Yeah, must be rough in Greenland! :joy:

I do them throughout the day and nurse the sets like a fine cognac. One set to get me thru the morning drudgery, one set to get me through the afternoon drudgery/meetings, and then whatever I want to play in the evening.

Whenever my family aren’t streaming crap on the Internet, hogging all the broadband.