What to buy from RP shop?

So, short story somehow I have 3 RP left that I never spend for months. I’ve bought some stuff I think worth to have: FP CE, Bond CE, QP CE, Anniv Blonde. Also I got the 2 Valentine CE from the original event (I don’t think I need 2nd MLB).

Anyway, I’m considering to buy one of the current campaign offer us: Code Remover, Lore, Grail Fou atk/hp.
Aside lore (5 RP), everything else are 3 RP. I don’t mind to burn few SR since they’re just extra copy of servant I won’t play or need to NP anymore.

Any recommendation which one I should buy?
Or shouldn’t I buy anything?
Or is there anything worth more to buy in the future so I need to save my RP?

One for sure are bond grails, they are used to reach bond 11-15, it’s upto you to decide if you want them, also each bond level increase gives 30 sq as well.


Ah I forget about them. So each of them cost 3 RP. Maybe I do need to save RP. Also I’ve just check Code Removal is renewable in RP shop every month. Maybe it’s not that worth it.

The only things really worth RP are Chaldea Lunchtime, Mona Lisa, Anniversary Blonde, and the bond grails.

Bond grails are effectively just 30 SQ that you have to put a bit of work into, but bonding isn’t exactly hard.

The other mystic codes are also possibly ok, but I’d still recommend saving for bond grails instead.

As for literally everything else in the shop, don’t bother. You can get them all either through events (including the code removers), or they just aren’t very good.

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