What to choose?

I have recently hatched feebas and was wondering what to do with it?
I checked its IV and it says lv 6, Hp 15 atk 14 def 14 with the total of 43/45

It has 44cp, should i first evolve it to milotic or power it up before evolving?

Power-up costs will be the same regardless of whether you do them before/after evolving. Milotic is a decent water attacker, but it isn’t the most stellar option out there. If you really like it and want to have a Milotic on your water team, that’s one thing, but there are better/stronger options out there.

So, if you’re a fan of Milotic and want to power one up, this particular Feebas has good IVs, but the low level is a bit troubling. Personally, I would suggest waiting until your trainer level is higher. Mons hatched from eggs cap at lvl 20, so if you wait to see if you hatch one with a higher level, you’ll save yourself some Stardust.

Milotic is a solid defender but that’s going to cost a lot of stardust. It’s an okay attacker too but I’d save it and wait for a higher level one.

I recommend neither for now.

The best strategy early on is to save all the stardust you get, that is: if you’re not in a hurry to get a Milotic with high IV and power it up, keep it as a Feebas for longer

If you’re patient, chase that level 30 so you may find Pokémon up to level 35 in the wild and while Feebas is not a common spawn, you might find one with such high level with same if not better IV. If you don’t want to wait up that’ll cost you a lot of resources to evolve it and power it up. It’s not that bad if you really like the Pokémon, just be sure you are really down to it

For raiding there are many better Water types, most are easy to obtain (namely Blastoise and Feraligatr since they had Community Days). For PvP it’s nothing special. For gyms it’s an okay attacker and a very good defender. However, since your Feebas is level 6 it will take a lot of Stardust to power up.