What To Do For Bird Man

So I’m currently building a Naesala and I don’t really know what to do with him. I know of the the classic swift sparrow+desperation combo but honestly it kind of bores me. I’ve seen that his resistance is pretty solid so I was thinking of something building on that.
How does this look?

The problem I have with this is that I already have Altina and she does this but better. I want to make this boy a mage killer but I don’t really know what to give him. Any suggestions?

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It’s possible to make him as such, but you’re probably gonna want to invest in both his speed and resistance because his prf weapon deals with his speed stat. The problem with that, however, is that a lot of the commonly used mages can reach his speed, or even higher, due to the speed powercreep (L!Celica for instance).

To counteract this you can run a Chill Spd support unit on your team. It’s not a foolproof plan because it only targets the unit with the highest speed stat, but it can help if you’re able to push him far enough (thanks to his ability to move three spaces). Just know that he’ll also be targeted by Chill Spd and other such debuffs unless you’re running someone on the team with higher speed.

Another thing is that Vantage isn’t really that good on him. His attack isn’t that high to really make use of it, especially when we start getting into merges, buffs, debuffs, etc. You’re probably better off running Quick Riposte to be honest.

Even with all of that though his ability to tank and kill mages will still be fairly… mediocre.

  • It’s probably better to run Distant Ward for his A skill. He can’t take on archers anyway its dagger units aren’t too common at the moment unless they’re player controlled (and I don’t think Leila is gonna change this too much). More attack and resistance will serve him better in this situation.

  • Change the B skill. He’s not that good at Vantage and, like you said, other units do it better. Quick Riposte/Guard/Mystic Boost/Dull Ranged are all decent to use for him.

  • Seal can change. Swift Stance, or Darting Stance, can help with his tanking.

As a frame, this is probably what it would be. Just fill in the rest as needed. Of course I dunno what fodder you have, so… :man_shrugging:

Also note that these are simply my opinions, so don’t take anything as more than that, lol.

I’d run DW over DC. Also maybe spd smoke over atk smoke

Super high investment, but i’ve seen similar iterations to this before:

Does away with guaranteed follow ups, gets you that high res for mages or dragons, solid chance to proc galeforce and get another move, and drag back brings him towards safer territory and (if he didn’t kill his target) brings them in for an easy kill.

I’m wondering if the upcoming skill pegasus flight could be available from the flying beasts

Judging from the skill name, no, but I can’t say for certain.

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As far as fodder goes… I don’t really have a lot of good stuff. Distant ward would definitely be my ideal for him but I didn’t really summon on that banner so my only hope for that would be if she appears on a legendary banner sometime soon or if a new unit came out with it. The new B and S skill suggestions help a lot though so thank you

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That does look really nice… But that is some premium that I do not have. I could just give him mirror strike but I also only have Atk/Def Oath as far as oath skills go.

I saw someone have sturdy impact on him, sadly i killed them before I could see it in action :p

[quote=“McChicken-Chan, post:1, topic:65078”]
I know of the the classic swift sparrow+desperation combo but honestly it kind of bores me. [/quote]

I appreciate attempts to think of alternative builds. The only issue here is that, in order to make the best use of his weapon, you want to hit the enemy twice for the true damage. But Vantage ideally wants you to one hit kill.

I actually use Naesala for achieving an easy kill and run away. I have drag back in B skill. So another unit with reposition can easily catch him and do the reposition assist. He is good at that because of that 3-movement space.

I would have to kill my only Tibarn for that… Which admittedly would be really funny but I’d prefer not to do that

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In one of the voting Gauntlet, I remember seeing a Naesala with a build like this (not one to one but similar)

It works but it takes a lot of investment. Though seeing how high his res can go while still maintaining an offensive presence, I think the new Pegusus Flight skill could work for him with this build. (If you can get it :feh_morganagrom:)

I think Naesala is at his best as an offensive unit but I applaud you for trying something new with him. Good luck on finding something for him.

Just an example. Any excellent unit will always come with an enormous price. But now you have an idea of what level to strive for (if you’re willing to invest THAT much.) And it doesn’t necessarily have to be Naesala.

Yeah, I just tend to get very unlucky when it comes to summoning for fodder and I don’t really know when those skills will be available again. I would give him them if I had them, I just don’t know when I will. And it kind of does have to be Naesala because I really just use units I like as characters

Totally understand. Both mirror impact and Atk/Res Oath are on L!Julia and Summer Laevatein also has mirror impact. High level fodder like that is tough to part with. Not necessarily for this, but for the future, keep an eye out for Yarne. If you give your preferred unit Astra, doddering Yarne will get you Atk/Spd solo 3 AND galeforce. Or B!Celica can do the same with DB4 and Galeforce. Both of those will help immensely getting heavy blade activated.