What to do when there's nothing else to do in FEH?

So I’ve been doing what I’ve normally been doing, saving up orbs, doing TT and RS game modes, saving up my resources, trying (and failing) to get past the Chain Challenges and what not. Though I’ve been noticing that I’m not sure what else to work on, or what else to do. I’m thinking about just leveling up some random 4* star units but that’s about all I’ve been able to figure out.

What other things can I do if I’ve finished up most of the other events going on in FEH? TL;DR if there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do in FEH, is there something I’m missing, or something I can do instead?

You don’t play it


Merge projects
Even further enhancing AR
And spending orbs


Not all of these suggestions might apply to you, but I’m just going to throw out some ideas. :birbpeek:

  • Work on your Aether Raids Defense
  • Make new Aether Raids Offense Teams
  • Chain Challenges, Squad Assaults
  • Blessed Gardens
  • Brainstorm new team ideas
  • Complete Infernals/Abyssals
  • Heroic Ordeals
  • Complete those monthly quests
  • Build new units & grind SP

Do well in your work/school, meet your special someone, have a happy family, grow old together, look back at your life and think " I lived a good life".

someone whispers to me

Me:: what do you mean they are asking what to do in FEH?" looks at the question again. “Ooohhhhh”

On the serious note: The only thing you can do for the most part is to build your favourite units and aim to get into tier 21 arena and tier 27 AR.


Taking a break and preventing yourself from being too obsessed with Feh


You can complete all the easy/hard/lunatic chain challenges for orbs and feathers, or you can try to muster up a good AR defense. You could also just autobattle Lunatic 5 TT, so you can get a higher ranking to get more feathers.

Just do something else, why play FEH when it gets you bored ? >->

Idk there so many things you can do outside of FEH if you haven’t got anything important coming up.

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Search for funny nicknames. You never know what or who you can come across in the game.

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Lately Ive been using my bulky d/c units to auto battle easy Chain Challenges. Just burn thru all my stam and close out the game for a while.

Go shoot people on Overwatch, or do some Monster hunting. Occasionally Dark Souls pvp

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Tactics drills.
Just cleared the newest one. That stuff is challenging at times.


People have named most of them. I try to spend less time on FEH when I can because some events can get pretty intense, like GC I can end up playing for 12+ hours in a week not counting anything else (which, I guess, there isn’t when GC is happening). Now that Forging Bonds gives double HM I try to get some feathers off 5*s I want to fodder before foddering them.

Sometimes AR matches take an hour already so that’s enough for me. I’ll just do my daily arena runs and get to the rest of my day.

If you really want to spend more time on FEH for some reason, maybe watch PhoenixMaster be a genius or learn to farm HM (but the mindless repetition seems like a waste of human life to me)