What To Do With Bad IV L!Hector

So, I happened to chance upon a Legendary Hector. Great! …minus the fact that he’s +Spd -Atk. I already have Default Hector, so I’m not desperate for an axe user. What’s the best course of action, here? Stick with him, or use him as Distant Counter fodder?

He’s actually quite good, even at -Atk. He can run a 3-cooldown special to still do good damage, as Thunder Armads gives him the Wary Fighter effect and he can run Vengeful Fighter in the B. L!Hector is still a very good unit, in fact, he could even outclass OG Hector because of his Wary + Vengeful fighter combo in his base kit!
*His HP threshold for his double on enemy intiation is 50% and he gets the +1 special cooldown per attack, whereas OG Hector either gets doubled while using Vengeful Fighter, or uses an Omnibreaker set (Wary Fighter + Quick Ripostex2 [Armads + QR Seal]), which puts his HP threshold at 80%, without the +1 special cooldown per attack.

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I agree with @Holdvar.
But if you have an armored unit that wants both DC and Vengeful Fighter (like Sheena) foddering him might be the better choice.

(Though foddering OG Hector may be a better choice, as L!Hector is a stronger unit, in general). Vengeful Fighter is a good skill to fodder, but it can be substituted with Wary Fighter or QR

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I’ve got one at +Res, - Atk and even with the Atk bane he still puts in work. Reason why is because of Thunder Armads’ pseudo-Wary Fighter effect and Vengeful Fighter. Being able to deny followups from an opponent and doubling them means he can reliably activate Bonfire. Throw in a DD3 or Warding Stance seal, and you have a great magic/ranged counter (bar B!Lyn and her Firesweep effect)