What to do with Legendary Roy?

So I scrounged ul the free orbs to do a full-circle sjmmon off the Mythic banner, as it’s the only pull I plan to do from it. No Edelgards, but I did manage to pull myself my first Legendary Roy. The question is what to do with him.

Do I keep him? I already have Silvia, F!Byleyh, Say’ri, and Soleil, though admittedly none are quite as Bulky as L!Roy can be, and I can give him Repel to capitalize on his own racist self-buff.

Do I fodder him? To who? Clearly it woild be for Bonus Doubler. I could do Tharja, or Odin, or Nino. Astram or Brunnya could be some good F2P options fof it, too.

What do you all think?

  • You have enough swords, you don’t need Roy. Fodder him. (Suggest unit in comments)
  • There are other units with Bonus Doubler, and Roy is good. Hang on to him, at least for now.

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I’d say to hang onto him at least for now, mainly because Bonus Doubler is becoming increasingly difficult to utilize due to the threat of Panic and Lulls. The units you’re suggesting are pretty good BD candidates but all are boned by Panic except for Brunnya.

Roy’s not THAT great on his own IMO but he’s a really nice supporter for a huge number of units. My L-Roy and Titania make a fantastic buffing team together and can cover each other very well.


Auto +12 Atk/Spd with built in DC. At +10 he’s a bulky boi who can make incredible use of some support from B!Lucy with Rally Def/Res+ (total with BD3 grants him +15 spectrum before Lucy’s C and S skills.)

This is neutral with said bonuses:


Roy is a solid unit but doesn’t have anything to stand out too much imo. And BD is fun with the right units and builds but a bit niche, and easily countered by panics and lulls as LadyLuna mentioned (which are both popular choices). But since I’m usually against foddering your only copies of 5 star exclusives unless you’re absolutely sure you won’t use them, I say keep him for now.


Do you have three pair-up legendaries for allegiance battles already? That’s the only reason I haven’t foddered him yet. I deploy him there since his DC is useful.


BD is a pretty niche skill tbh. It’s not very reliable for AR, though it is great for PvE. Only a few units use it well, basically DC weapons like Fjorm, and L!Marth and a couple others.

Tbh just hold him for now, there’s no rush.


Do you have duofonse? Leliwood? Lazura? If you have all three do double bonus doubler duofonse for +26 to all stats :feh_reinyes:

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Alfonse and L!iwood, yes. Azura, no.