What to do with my Milas

Got three Milas:

+Res / -Def
+Res / -Atk

Should I merge up or perhaps… Use all three? Idk I need help :sob:

  • Merge them together to form MILAZORD (+2) with Res boon
  • Keep all three for some interesting AR stuff
  • Merge one and keep one spare for some fun AR stuff

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I’d say merge the -Def one into the NEUTRAL one for 1 extra Def point (if I’m not mistaken) and keep the other one separated.


3 Milas is probably too many eggs in one basket (key word probably as there may be some viability if running 3 Milas with 1 supertank setup, e.g. B!Ike + B!Lucina). 2 sounds just right. It’s hard to argue for 3 Milas when you can have 2 Milas and 1 Peony. Peony is just such a good Light Mythic it’s hard to argue dropping her no matter what combination of Light Mythics you run.

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I only took the first option cause of the Power Ranger reference
please dont merge them all up



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Alrihgt, I am going to merge one of the milas into the other and keep an extra

Which one should I merge into though?

Im thinking of merging up a +Res one due to it being a superboon while keeping the neutral one

Or should I merge up the neutral one?

Merging into neutral means she gets an extra +1 to her Def stat, which greatly assists her hard Def stat check she wants to win in combination with her C skill. With +Res she gets the superboon Res stat boost, which can be great for additional visible res-based support via Sabotage skills and the like, but she will have 1 point less of Def which is crucial for her unique C skill.

I recommend merging into neutral because her uniqueness is essential to double down on.

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I’ll merge up the neutral one once the mass arena simulator has her stats in. I want to test some things out before I merge

Recently I got another Mila but her IV’s are not so good, so I’ll maybe just merge up the neutral to +2