What to do with Nobu since I already have her



Hey there,
since I played the last Nobu Event I already got her full ascended and at NP5 so I don’t really need her but I’m not sure what to do with the Nobu’s I’m getting now. Like, do I just burn them for Mana Prisms or what?
Thanks in advance ':sweat_smile:


In JP server, after 3rd christmas event rerun, extra copies of welfare servants (6th copy and forth) can be burned for rare prism. So maybe you could just put them in second archive.


That’s what I did with the cost 3 copys I got until now, because it annoyed me that they always appeared on top of my inventory, so I guess they’re staying there until Christmas.
Thanks for the advice


What I heard is that you get RP instead of the servant, and you can’t burn old ones into RP


Ohh, I haven’t tried it for myself… let me do a little research about it.


What do you mean “you can’t burn old ones into RP”?


I too was under the impression that you can only convert Welfare’s into rare prisms from that event rerun and onward and only after already having 5 copies. Here’s the link to that event. Like @Zhiroc said, you get RP sent to your present box instead of a copy of the servant.

Checking the event page on Cirnopedia: If you already obtained 5 copies of the same Event Limited Servant, a Rare Prism will be sent to your Present Box every time you obtain additional copies starting the 6th copy and up.

And: Event Limited Servants (6th copy and up) obtained starting November 14, 2018 (Wednesday) are eligible.
That date will be different for us naturally.


Yeah, that was my mistake. That’s sad xD


Nah, it’s okay. I went through the same process on Salter. I was ready to save her all the same. And honestly I never even noticed that part on Cirno until a few hours ago lol.


@Felix I think this was answered, but just in case, currently welfare servants cannot be burned for rare prisims (RP). When this change comes to us, if it works like JP, that doesn’t change. What changes is that you directly get RP instead of another copy of the welfare servant if they are already NP5 (or maybe if you already have enough copies to NP5 them, not sure about that).

I suppose this was their way to not let people stockpile older welfare servants with the goal of burning them once the change is made.


Exactly, you can just burn extra copies of Nobunaga. Just make sure to lock your main copy properly and make sure you have NP5.

RP will be handed to you in your present box once that change comes to NA. Stockpiling has no effect on it.