What to do with pitybreaker

So I have 2 perfect IV Quans (+Attack, -Resistance) whilst tryna get Marisa (Somebody end my suffering by hitting me up with some paypal money).

Should I merge the man and destroy that abomination of a res stat? Or fodder off that assist skill to Hawkeye for Arena scoring? Man I was really feeling like I was gonna get Marisa too.

I regret doing that yolo summon, rip the pity percent and my orbs. Lowkey thinking about getting that Black knight bundle now too

But it’s 5 bucks. That’s a solid hot chocolate from Timmies gone

I have one with the exact same IVs and I use him as a defensive cavalry unit, even if Silas is already a thing.

You can also run a PP build with his great Atk stat.

Define PP. Also, the real question is if I merge the man or not. Solid build though, may use atk/def bond as his seal instead

I’d sooner spend $5 summoning than taking Timmies hot choco lol
Then again, I’d probably rather put the $5 on coffee or save it towards some better hot choco

But his res is pretty bad, patch or no patch. If you can get some extra orbs out of arena rewards by foddering the super-rally then I think I recommend that.

Aight, also turns out there seems to be an error everytime I try purchasing anything on feh. Guess this phone is restricting me from literally spending a dime. Not that I’m complaining too much though.

His player phase potential can be abused with the atypical Brashperation build. He could even run Deathblow 3 in A to guarantee KOs.

Also, I’d keep a perfect IV one and fodder the other one as mentioned.

Merging him will fix the bane, but it will still be abyssmal. A whole 4 resistance is not gonna matter when it’s still practically nothing.

No point fixing a stat he can’t use imo. If you sac an Oscar for Spd/Def your Hawkeye can inherit both Rally Spd/Def+ and Drive Atk 3. Not bad if you ask me.

I can’t believe IS released a gold Drive skill already.


lmao, I forgot it!!

I want to defend the res a little bit here
It may seem to low, but with his good hp he can just barely survive a OHKO from a mage or dragon. The latter being a unit he’ll likely face.

It’s 56 vs 60 magical bulk.
Small difference, but it’s crucial.

This is my Quan, if you wanna try player phase.
He’s still very capable of defending when at high hp, then he’ll drop down for the offence. Works especially well with a healer on your team.
Keep him low when he’s on the offence, heal him when he needs to take a hit.

Attacking twice with 64 atk. 67 for you.
When not facing fliers (who don’t have good bulk anyway, unless they’re green)

Fodder arena skill for arena