What to do with priam?

Hey y’all. So I’m really not sure how to proceed. I already made a +1 priam, but I also have 3 other copies, and

what feels like enough +10 infantry swords.

What should I do? Give all 3 to my +10 chrom so he can get each of his skills? Lol

merge priam up?

Or are there other heroes thatd benefit from one or more of his skills?


I vote manual and save for later.

There’s a chance we get Atk/def ideal 3 on a demote unit soon. Spare NFU is always useful too, so you can inherit two skills at the same time.


Manual them just in case, also promoting a Ferdinand with 20k feathers is useful for getting Rouse Spd/Def 4 and NFU off at the same time


As a Priam User, Imma say fodder him :catdance:


Manual them,but he’s decent max merged.

Only 6 ? Bah that’s nothing you can afford more :ok_hand:


Manual. DC + inflict -6 Atk/Def is good, but just like every other godsword he doesn’t do anything to really set him apart from the others.

Thanks all. They’re manualed already, they’re just sorta burning a hole in my pocket lol

Would chrom really not be a good choice for getting some of the skills? I’m struggling to think of who could take advantage of that c skill. If you name units, I might have em lol

I can also share screenshots of who I do have (sitting at 500+ units, so I’m not gonna try and share everything up front)

Any Blade tome or Bonus Doubler user would appreciate that Rouse

It stops Panic from screwing them