What to do with skadi if you free to play?

Hey yall quick question. So i luckily got skadi (super happy about it) but i dont really have any units to use her with. I dont have kintoki because i just started recently. Is there any f2p units that she works well with?

I’d refer you to the many other Skadi threads (search function).

Briefly, yes, she works with many different units. Check the details on their NPs and deck distributions: if Quick-dominant or at least Quick-leaning, you can find a way to use her.

Also, as @Chettmanly135 points out, she’s a universal battery and DEF Down. She’s interchangeable with Waver in some comps and a great asset regardless.

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Shes no waver, but she still have that 50% np battery and D down skill. Her Np is nice as well.

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You can try houzoin inshun.

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Besides asking her nicely to sit on your face?
Ummmmm I don’t know. Maybe try her with Ushi and see how heavy she can nuke. Try her with Fuuma or Caesar to see if they can loop. Otherwise wait for summer, get some summer BB friends, slap starting NP CE on Inshun, slap starbomb CE on Skadi, reset a stage until RNG gives you both of Inshun’s Quick, lock em in place, and have fun with dumb crit memes.

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Lol i only still got caesar at np 1 :smiley:

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You’ll get him NP5 before too long. Friend Point Summon is nice like that.

Kk thank you! I just gotta find a good aoe quick servant to abuse her!

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I wouldn’t call what’s about to come abuse but the next summer2 re-run has rider Ishtar who is a AoE quick servant welfare so free 4* NP5.

Okay, a few advises then:

  1. Skadi’s best usage is 3-turn farming via np-refund loop. You CAN use her as an ordinary support, but surely not the best option. 95% of gameplay in FGO is farming, so you should probably try to make it easier. Anyway you should level her skills to 10/10/10.
  2. For NP-loop you have a variety of choices. Here’s a special tier-list: https://gamepress.gg/grandorder/skadi-looping-tier-list
  3. So if right now you have none of those characters, you can try rolling Dantes in about a mouth on 3rd summer event. If Dantes will not drop then you can pick Lancelot, Atalante or Valkyries with a free-4* ticket in november. Also you should save some mats to level skills of one you choose.
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Awesome response thank you so much!

Even without the DSS shenanigans, Skadi’s value cannot be understated. Notable Quick F2P ST DPS and wave clearers like Ushiwakamaru, Caesar, Base Cu and Proto, Alexander, Medusa, Fuuma and even Sasaki greatly benefit from just being applied with her steroid. And this is but part of the greater utility her kit can give as the others have discussed. While probably not the best support for beginners, you’ve got a servant that will really enhance your gameplay experience. Also, don’t worry about immediately maxing the f2p servants’ NP levels. More likely than not, you’ll reach them even without you trying.


It’s way more rng than DSS, but I have gotten 4 b2b nps with np1 Parvati with kscope, Helena and support skadi. Even if you don’t have a premiere looper, she super powers any quick servant amazingly. Parvati getting a crit off a quick card absolutely MELTS the gazer enemy in my way and skyrocketed np refund vs a single enemy to full.

So you don’t have lock yourself into dss or bust, just play around with any quick servant you have and see what you can make work.


“What to do with skadi if you free to play?”
Max her, put her on friend support and farm FP

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Step1: put skadi on friendlist
Step2: get loads of FP
Step3: roll for Chen Gong
Step4: Use Chen Gong with skadi
Step5: ???
Step6: Profit


Boost NP dmg and instant NP is insane.
Also you can borrow some powerful 5* dmg dealer and see how your own skadi can do. I see a lv100 NP5 Okita 10/10/10 on friend list. Put her with my own skadi and clear Camelot memorized quest in 2 turns. Much faster than borrowing weaver and clear that stage with my lv80 Bedivere in 4 turns