What to do with the 1st Gen 5 Star Only Heroes?

As someone with a +6 Ryoma and don’t see a way to finish him, is there any guesses or ideas on what to do with the older units? I know IS said that you could summon one on older banners, but unless they recycle Weekly Revivals a third time I doubt anyone will have a chance with getting any older units since they mainly put up new banners or seasonal banners. I kinda wish they would come up with a similar idea to the GHB/TT units.

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You could always wait until he’s on a focus banner, or until he gets a refine (thus being on a focus banner).

As far as what I do with them, it depends on who the unit is and the fodder they have, as well as their prf weapon, possibilities on getting a refine on said weapon, and if the prf/refine is actually good.

For example, Mist. She’s garbage as a unit aside from her healing utility (which literally every healer can do). Her fodder is arguably nonexistent and IS has made it abundantly clear that they’re not giving healers prf weapons unless they’re released with one, like Loki or Veronica.

So what do I do with her? Well, she’s got nothing worth foddering so there’s no reason to kill her off, so it’s either keep her or send her home for feathers, and between these two options I’d rather just keep her for things like Arena Assault as a meh healer.


Ryoma still has options: refinement and/or resplendent treatment may help him (you have to pay tho, which is kinda shitty and excludes f2People), and being a lord he is a good candidate. BUT in general it’s sucks, tbh. They may explore solutions with the new resource to get manuals (?)


I think manuals from that new divine code system is a future option

We already know that gen one units like OG Celica and Spring Camilla will be on it
So there’s a good chance some others will be on it, especially as the early parts for the ‘paths’


I actually kinda forgot about the manuals. After the announcement of the feh pass, I was mainly talking to my wife about the pass and kinda just heard bits and pieces about the manuals. Looking over the concept, I doubt they’ll let you make the same manuals over and over again. Looks to be a one and done situation.


Still, probably the best thing to do with old units that aren’t great anymore is to keep em saved up in the hopes of some way to update them or getting an off focus summon/manual.

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Poor Mist. They treated her poorly with her stats and skill set. Hopefully when they do another refresh unit, it’ll be Mist with Florete from Radiant Dawn. As far as a focus banner (keeping Ryoma as the example), I don’t see one coming anytime soon. They have so many other units to use for distant counter banners, and I don’t see a refinement anytime soon. They weren’t even willing to add anything to his weapon when he became a legendary unit.

You can never be too sure. I will agree that his Legendary alt is lackluster with his unchanged Raijinto, but IS can be a bit unpredictable at times when it comes to their refine batches, and considering we have DC weapons with other effects, it’s possible.

I.S. should demote gen 1 5* units unless they have excellent fodder (takumi, hector) or if demoting them would upset the games balance by a lot.

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