What to do with Tibarn and another question

OK so, i lost my composure and summoned to +1 the new Tibarn, what can i do to improve hsi base kit?
Running him on a flier team with Minerva, Sigrun and Altena.

Also, since i caved in and lost my orbs how many orbs can i expect to save for CYL?
Really want to at least +1 Dimitri so he doesnt have a bane but im willing to leave with just the free copy.

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Pretty much nothing. Maybe replace his A Slot so you have less chances of one shotting, but otherwise his base kit is pretty much fine.

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pls use a subcategories
or uh
some monster will come up under your bed and eat your socks

and his basekit is already dope
you could give him Galeforce (i dunno if he has that already) and like Def Smoke if you wanna


please help every time i post someone says this to me and i dont know what they mean how please help

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What seal should i use on him i dont build units like him very often i like building old units so they dont have access to these a d v a n c e d mechanics on their weapons

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this was supposed to reply to killerdemonking btw

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The giant post you deleted while making the thread literally tells you how to make one



you open up a thread and theres a big ass message

Then you click on the categories and the select the right one

boom done


I see now im sorry i didnt know what they meant by sub categories i thought it was the “off-topic” and “pvp” thing you could tag

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yeah i just went and checked i thought sub categories were the off-topic thing and pvp stuff, next time ill do it right thank you

Here’s what it looks like after creating your topic.

Click on this area to select what topic category.

-1 is QnA which is typically questions that you want a straightforward answer to. (EX: What IV should I use on Myrrh?)
-2 is Discussion which is usually where you wanna have an in depth discussion (EX: How much has Speed power creep shifted the meta?)
-3 is Fluff which is usually showing off your merge projects, summons, or any FE topic (EX: Who’s your waifu and why?)

Edit: Pretty much what Killer said


Basically, you don’t want Tibarn to be adjacent to his allies.

His prf weapon has a Slaying Effect, so Galeforce, which is normally a 5CD special, turns into a 4CD Special. When he’s not adjacent to his allies (so similar to Solo skills) he gains +5 attack and gives the enemy -5 attack, and he gets forced doubles.

Then there’s the whole “adjacent to beast/dragons, or not adjacent, transform” effect, but other than that his prf weapon is pretty simple. Stay away from people, essentially, lol.

His B skill, Dive Bomb, grants a Desperation effect if both him and the enemy are at, or above, 80% HP. So he can go in, double an enemy, and proc Galeforce before the enemy can counterattack.

For seals, you can do Death Blow 3 (although this gives him a lot of attack and you have to worry about one shotting which is a problem when trying to proc Galeforce), or… Well, anything really.


I get it yeah, so hes more of a solo fighter he doesnt really need team support as much, so i should make sure he can double his enemies and not kill them so the strategy actually works right? i guess being colorless helps in that

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Galeforcers, especially units like Tibarn (both the original and the pirate version) suffer from having a bit too much attack. While it’s useful against high defense enemies, it can be a bit of a pain against enemies that have low defense since they can just be one shotted.

Pirate Tibarn is a bit better when it comes to Galeforce because of the Slaying effect, so as long as he doubles an enemy (and they’re not using things like Guard) then he’s fine.

Tibarn refine when?