What to do with your Psystrike Mewtwo?


I guess most of us already got a good psystrike Mewtwo candidate (or a few L20/L25) for power up/max out. What have you done on this Mewtwo and for what purpose?

For me, initially I would power up one with good IV for collection purpose if I got a shiny one. However, I don’t have any shiny Mewtwo. I got 3 SB Mewtwo getting dust on the bench and therefore I intend not to get another normal psystrike Mewtwo joining the pack as my gameplay is raids and gyms where Mewtwo is not particular optimal in current meta.

How about you?

Isn’t this all depending on your collection of “usable” pokemon?

For people that are new(ish) to the game or for people that don’t have a great community the story is different to those that already have maxed out 100 IV pokeomn.

Psystrike is great for players trying to get Machamp down all alone (no real need to power Mewtwo even lvl 20 is great).

I powered one to have one, not that I needed it for the moment but a nice Psystrike is a great pokemon to have (in my opinion) on the other hand Giratina altered… that is one I don’t care about (play it for free but that is it).

So I guess this is different for everybody

I already have two maxed out Mewtwos and don’t plan to burn ~200 RC to max another. It’s a waste of RC which I rather spend to buy second attack for one (or both) of my M2s. Too bad it cannot be Psystrike but Psychic will do fine instead after recent buff.

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I’m probably going to power up one to lvl 30 to serve as a backup Machamp crusher and a ready to use psychic attacker in the future. I still have to try my Machamp raid team of unique 6 non legendary against every moveset (particularly partly cloudy rock slide and snow heavy slam), but if that doesn’t work I’ll slot in Mewtwo to finish off Machamp in the next attempt. Besides, It’s probably the best psychic attacker there ever will be, it doesn’t need CTMs and it’s even a decent generalist, can’t really go wrong here. Buuuuuut I’ve never used my psychic Mewtwo that I’ve had for years, sooo… Meh.

Now, which one? I’ve got one shiny with IV 10/13/12 and my best one is 15/12/10 (not shiny)… Since I don’t intend to max it out and it will have confusion (breakpoints are less far apart with strong fast moves), I’ll probably go with the shiny for bragging rights and have a visibly different one from my SB Mewtwo…

Your idea got me thinking and I played around with gobattlesim to find out what the difference would be (should have done that with pokebattler but I can’t seem to be able to handle the thing as I wish…):

In a counter/dynamic punch Machamp raid, a level 40 perfect confusion/psychic Mewtwo will peform roughly the same as a level 32-33 perfect confusion/psystrike Mewtwo… but hey, powering up is expensive, so how much for this lvl 33 psystrike Mewtwo please? Powering up from lvl 20 to 33 costs 98 candy and 109000 stardust… It’s really close to the cost of a second move! But then, if you buy a second move, you may have to spend a lot of CTMs to land on psychic… On the other side, it’s a real asset in PvP…

Anyway, the idea is good, but the cost/performance ratio is so close I found it interesting to share that!

I’ll power up one or two for Machamp raids because I’m helping two friends who are new to the game. There’s also a chance Conkeldurr could replace Machamp in raids though that won’t be for a while.

Basically just grinding candies like hell to max my new hundo Psystrike Mewtwo. I did raise a couple others to L30 however; you never know when you’ll need them badly.

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I have a perfect maxed Mewtwo that will never be able to learn Shadow Ball or Psystrike. Its charge move is Ice Beam or Thunderbolt when the featured tier 5 raid boss is weak to it and otherwise Focus Blast for gym offence.

The buff to Psychic made me keen to give it a second move (spending 100 candy) rather than max out a Psystrike Mewtwo (spending 248 candy) with relatively mediocre IVs. With Psychic + Focus Blast, it would be an amazing generalist gym attacker and the solution to Rocket Grunts using Hitmonchans (which my level 30 Honchkrow, Gardevoir, etc. struggle against). Either move can still be replaced with Ice Beam or Thunderbolt when the need arises.

However, the makeup raid hour gave me a 96% Psystrike Mewtwo, so I am again in a dilemma.

I was lucky enough to catch a Perfect Psystrike Mewtwo, so I maxed that bad boy out. Seems fairly useful in PvP, don’t really care about using in gyms/raids.

You mean you are playing the TM lottery with 5 charge moves every time you need an ice or electric counter? :dizzy_face: how many CTMs do you generate per second???

Now that Psystrike Mewtwo raids are over I will lvl up one to kick those muk out of every gym!!!, When Terrakion show up on raids I will lvl up other 5, with some luck I will have some lucky Mewtwo around that time.
I really hope for Niantic to put Mythicals on T5 raids for being able to use Mewtwo against Keldeo and Pirouette Meloetta.

I powered mine up to lv 33. My highest CP was a lv 33 Shadow Ball Mewtwo (powered up to that level to 4 man a Cresselia raid a while back) and I wanted my shiny to be the highest CP Pokemon that I have.

I powered one up to around level 33, and I’m planning to power up another one soon. I enjoy having at least 3 unique species in each of my teams, giving my shiny Espeon and Metagross with the recently buffed Psychic a shot at battling.

I mean, best ever of type with best ever moveset for type…I’m very pleased with my 14/14/13…definitely gonna use it whenever I’m able.

Power it up to use as the lead for my Conkeldurr team. My best is a 98%, caught last night. Will probably lucky trade for one as well, for cheap backup (15/16 lucky trades will be worse than the one I have, so besting or matching it is highly likely. In the unlikely event that I tie or beat 98%, well, I’ll power that one up more instead.

That said, given that Psychic is only SE against (and only resistant to) fighting and poison, there’s not a lot of use for it. Counter that with Mewtwo’s massive attack stat and a solid psychic option (Psystrike), and it verges into good generalist territory (although still not quite as good as the dragons).

I wish I could generate thousands of TMs per second and trade them, :rofl:

To clarify, when the tier 5 boss changes (about once per month), I check whether I need to change my Mewtwo’s charged move.

That’s still a lot of CTMs to consider burning every month, especially when you consider the number of moves Mewtwo has, which are as many chances to burn a CTM for nothing.

Well im free player, do 1 Tier 5 per day( unless its great shiny Legendary, then i uise premium) and have premium passes only from boxes. I sit on 110 Fast and 160 Charged Tms. I more often need to use Fast TM than Charge, to be honest. And never tossed single TM.

I live in big town, but in less popular raid and spawn part.

:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face: I envy you… I consider myself rich when I have more than 6-8 CTMs

When we had several months of legendaries that are not weak to Ice Beam or Thunderbolt (as with Regisummer), I did not spend any Charged TMs on Mewtwo during that period; it kept Focus Blast.

I currently have 85 Fast TMs (wondering what to use them on) and 43 Charged TMs.