What to use in Pokemon Go Great League

I know Great League won’t be back for a bit. But I was wondering what combination of these Pokemon would be the best for great league. Last time it was around, I used Snorlax, Lapras, and Abomasnow. I had some success, but fighting types destroyed my team, and ice and water have similar effects. So in your opinion, what should I go with next time?

Since great league ended, iv gained quite a few more Pokémon. But my time was limited at the time

Drifblim (especially if double moved) snorlax/Lapras.
Edit, didn’t see the lower ones. Then pelipper as lead.

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If it were my team, Lapras/Buzz/Lax. Or maybe swap Lax for the Aromatisse. I’d lead with that.

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Currently in my possession I have 5 fast tms. 4 charged and 1 elite fast tm
Blastoid is the only one with two moves.
Blastoid: Water Gun-Ice Beam and Skull Bash
Mandibuzz: Airslash- Foul Play
Gardevoir: Confusion- Physic
Driffblim: Hex-Icy Wind
Absol: Snarl-Thunder
Pelipper: Water Gun- Hurricane
Ho-Oh: Extrasensory-Frustration
Snorlax:Lick-Body Slam
Gengar: Hex-Shadow Ball
Lapras: Water Gun-Surf
Granbull: Charm- Play Rough
Aromatisse: Charge Beam- Physic
Abomasnow: Powder Snow-Weather Ball
Floatzel: Water Gun-Hydro Pump

I’d always recommend double moving stuff. To be quite frank you won’t get far with what you’ve got rolling with single moves, however it’s a totally workable group of mon once they are powered up fully and double moved.

That being said if double moving is not an option, it’s not an option.

I’d use a fast TM to put gardevoir on charm. That’ll do just fine without two moves. Also solves your fighting weakness. Snorlax can do alright with the moveset you’ve got as well and pairs well with gardevioir. Maybe lead with Blastoise and swap snorlax to draw out the steel type and look to close with gardevior.

If you’re low on candy maybe be on the lookout for some of the good mon with low second move unlocks like Barboach/whiscash, the pidgey family, Ivysaur, Drowzee/Hypno, Talonflame, Croagunk (can be farmed for candy in its current form but can’t be evolved). Though none of those are “top meta” Pokémon with the exception of a few having them ready to go with two charge moves will give you a huge leg up the next time GL is around.


That’s important to know.
Without TMing anything,
Drifblim, Snorlax, mandibuzz and abomasnow are by far the best. Granbull is also ok but depends only on the fast move.
Pelipper needs weather ball. Also better air slash (or how the flying fast move is called)
Forget absol and floatzel.

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I can imagine something in the line of:
Abomasnow lead
Drifblim safe swap
Gengar closer

You know, all with their coverage moves, saving shields for Gengar, bait with Icy Wind and Shadow Punches, pull the fighter (counter to lead) or pull the Ghost killer (safe swap counter), etc.

Not the bulkiest team in town, but sure as hell to be fun. Tons of holes too, tread carefully. Actually now I’m looking forward to trying that when GL is back :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Honestly if my opponent threw out a Floatzel I would quit because I don’t want to look at that ugly thing


I know you want to be competitive across the board straight away, I do too, but this game is all about forward planning, so here’s my suggestion, some of it based on what I’ve highlighted for myself.

You’ve got ML about to start, alongside that jungle cup. ML is hellish expensive, so maybe play jungle cup for that segment - there’s a lot of cheap stuff to use and it’s triple dust to help with 2-moving and powering up future candidates.

That’ll give you nearly 3 weeks to prepare for the next UL segment, which coincides with the back end of the run of Tina-A, a great base for an UL or ML team. I have a passable Tina-A but will probably have a few trades to try for a better UL one.

Also, drifloon spotlight is 05th October, so there’s a good chance to get a good drifblim candidate or two and plenty of candy.

There might be a few other spawns out in the next few events as well that might be useful in various teams. Between those, what you already have and any other bonus finds, hopefully you’ll be in a stronger position coming up for the last month of the season.


Phew, two ghosts in one team I would not dare with all the dark around. Or at least only combined with a hard dark counter as lead.

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One of the prominent darks is covered with Ice (Mandibuzz) and others can be nerfed or hit by truck-powered Sludge Bombs. But yeah, loads of holes, I know :slight_smile:

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