What to use in ultra league

Iv been trying to decide which of my Pokémon to use in the ultra league. All of these I mention are 3 star with good cp. I have others but these are the ones I’m thinking of using. What’s the perfect team out of Charizard, Diagla, Palkia, Lugia, Sylveon, Machamp, Dragonite, Vaporean, Zacian, and Zamenta.

pvpoke.com has a team builder option. You can mess around with it to see which of those Pokemon would make a good team.

You can basically narrow down your list to charizard, sylveon, machamp, and dragonite, vaporeon could work but lacks a coverage move, the rest won’t be very useful in ultra league…. Are any of them 3 moved?

Lugia is quite good. At least better than Vaporeon overall. One main question would be if open or PC. Ähm, Remix. Dragonite or vaporeon make only sense in Remix for example.
It quite looks like an ABB team with Machamp as lead and e.g. Lugia/Sylveon/Charizard/Dragonite in the back.

3 Star is not always the ideal IV for the premier league

Get second moves for three of them if you can afford it, machamp, sylveon and dragonite/charizard looks ok to me as a team.

Good and cheap team, especially also cause Dragonite and Sylveon don’t really need a second move. Lugia as third with sky attack also makes sense - a bit bulkier than the other fliers and not as ice-sensitive as dragonite

From the sounds of it this player has no XL stuff. I wouldn’t touch remix unless you’ve got XL Pokémon. With the current options you would start to get blown up once you get up in the rankings and start to see some Umbreon, Jellicent, Skarmory, Stunfisk nonsense.

If was you I’d maybe go for Slyveon, Machamp, Charizard in open assuming they’re all double moved and have the correct moves (see pvpoke.com). Charm users are a pretty easy way to cheese out a win in open if you land a positive matchup. Charizard is always solid and can handle cress. Machamp is kinda bad, but helps cover your fairy types.

I’d definitely look into acquiring stuff like Obstagoon, Gyarados, and/or Lapras. They all perform quite well without the need for XL candy or 100 candy double move investments. UL has been made pretty difficult for beginners….so best of luck…

XL isn’t that lot of a thing in the lower ranks (that’s what I think it is about, given the question). Charizard without CD moves is better in remix. Machamp is better in remix. In the end i guess it depends on what you like to play and which moves you have.
@ColeThePowerful If Sylveon has psyshock, go for it mono moved
Machamp i would give a second move, ideally rock slide plus cross chop.
Third is debatable, either Lugia or Charizard, the latter especially if you have blast burn. Second move should be dragon claw on Charizard. Fast move fire spin. If you just got a Lugia, it has aeroblast, very good move, but too slow for it as the only move. If you have two Lugias, you could choose one to TM to sky attack maybe.

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Charizard has Dragon Claw and Overheat, but that’s it. My Machamp has Counter and Close Combat, Sylveon Charm and Psyshock, Dragonite Dragon Breath and Outrage, Lugia extrasenory and aeroblast, and my diagla and palka both have dragon breath and draco meteor. I’m pretty new to the game so I don’t have the candy to give them all 2nd moves

I just replied to someone else with all the moves I have on them

You guys all think Dragonite would be better for me to use then Diagla or Palka? Why?

Charizard is my only three moved with Dragon Claw and Overheat plus fire spin as a fast attack

And I do not know if I’ll be doing remix or open, maybe remix since Swampert tortures me

Is lugia bulkier than vaporeon at 2500? Maybe my experience is unique, but i rarely see lugia and when i do it never seems to be a problem, or maybe it’s just so infrequent i don’t remember

Indeed Lugia is bulkier than the already bulky Vaporeon. Plus it has double resistances and the better moves, but a completely different profile (e.g. bad vs steel). Of course it has some profit from the dragon tail buff!
But i also rarely see it, maybe because it is a generalist and does nothing really great? See it more often than Vaporeon though ;)

Very true, although i did see several vaporeon in great league last week lol…. Give a mon a spotlight hour or community day and they are bound to show up here or there lol

D-nite is bulkier in UL, spammier moveset that’s easier to use (TM Outrage to Dragon Claw).

Dialga wants Ironhead, Palkia Aqua-tail (at least for PvP, Dracometeor is preferred for raids for that Dragon-STAB).

Get rid of Close Combat on Machamp. Rock Slide or Cross Chop would be better (Machamp lacks the bulk and energy gen to make nukes like that really work IMHO). You could go extra spicey and TM Counter to Karate Chop but generally not suggested (esp. if you want it doing double-duty as a raider).

I only have 3 charge tms and none of the elites, and 3 fast tms, but one elite fast tm. So I am limited at the moment on changing move sets. I will for sure make these changes when I can but rn I can’t. And why dragon claw over outrage? I know it’s more spammy, it’s on my charizard, but isn’t it a whole lot weaker? Outrage doesn’t seem like it takes a ridiculous amount of energy or anything. Whenever I get a elite charge tm I for sure will switch Machamps Close Combat to Cross Chop first, because honestly he does some hard work for me.

Which fast move has Charizard? Fire spin? If it is your only Mon, i would use that for sure in a team. Dragon claw and overheat are ok.

If you have a low amount of TM, stay with close combat on machamp. @captpepperjack - problem is that Machamp has such a high amount of charged moves that getting one specifically is difficult. Only rock slide can be a problem as well (low neutral damage), close combat is not too bad, especially cause you can stack up to if you wait a bit and shield. Just be sure, @ColeThePowerful to either use it as lead and switch it out after using it or indeed stack up two consecutive ones. Also soon you should get the resources for a second move, I would spend them on Machamp. Rock slide and close combat are also not that bad.
Third mon would be Sylveon then.
You could use Charizard as lead to get some shields from the opponent with two late dragon claws (people in the lower levels tend to shield everything), get one Mon out with Sylveon and use Machamp as closer with two close combats.

Yeah, he has fire spin. And thank you for all your advice. Iv been leading with Sylveon since it has such high damage and psyshock is quickish to charge