What to use my orbs on next?

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here.

I’ve been considering my options on what to use my orbs on ever since I completed my Fallen Lyon merge project.

I’ve got about 600 orbs right now just to put things into perspective.

First, I’ve thought about getting certain fodder skills, like G Duel 4 for my Myrrh since I use her for Arena (but I could place her in Aether Raids if necessary), and R Duel Cavalry 4 (For Xander, I would also do a Spd build for this guy).

Secondly, I’ve got some new merge project considerations. First I’ve thought about merging Kaden, since he is one of my favourite Fates units (and I LOVE Kitsunes), since of the current weekly banner could give me a head start on merging him.
My second merge project consideration would be Muspell. He would be harder to merge, but he does look really fun (and that dragon form is DOPE).
Third is Amelia, this is more of that I just really like Amelia and would like to merge her, even if she is weak these days.
Of course there’s also Brave Eirika, but my interest for her has been waning a bit.

Now I’ve also had thoughts on potentially merging mythics for if I want to take Aether Raids more seriously (like merging Freyja, Mila, or my +4 Naga). But I would also need to set up more units for Aether Raids in general.

Any particular thoughts on which I should prioritise? I’ll also set up a poll.

  • Focus on skills to fodder (Such as Duel Skills)
  • Focus on merge projects.
  • Focus on Mythics Merges.

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Well, if you’ve already invested heavily in some favorites, I would certainly want skills to go on those favorites, so fodder is my vote.

After that is merge projects, to merge even more favorites.


Imo Amelia is quite underrated and really strong with the right setup, (resplendant definitly helps tho)
One of the best near saves given her combination of speed atk and def.


Merges > fodder > mythics/Legendaries. All the units you mentioned are really good (even Kaden, who can do a nice work as a support unit/save ball bait and he’s getting close to his refine, seeing we already have Nailah’s). I’d recommend you to chose one of those unit tho, if you really want to commit. For me, it helps me to save and stop spending orbs on stuff I don’t need. Also! Having already 600 orbs it can be good to get every ascendant unit, we won’t be having a lot fo them and as of right now they all have been sparkable. So it is a safe value I think.