What Type Of Unit Do You Want Choose Your Legends Adult Tiki To Be?

  • A dragon unit
  • A sword unit with a variant of Falchion
  • Something else
  • Not sure

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I absolutely expect her to be a dragon again as IS have no imagination, just hopefully not red. The advantage of having been ignored for alts is that unlike her younger self and the Corrins, we’re not sick of seeing dragon alts.

If, however, they want to try harder then I’d think a sword wielder would be good. Came up with an idea for a mythic alt a while back which could work well as a brave alt.


I see her Brave alt having an attire based on Naga, so her being a dragon unit would be appropriate.

Don’t think she’ll be red, as the other winners are sword users, but you never know. The other three also have a chance to be non-red units.

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Something that isn’t red


I’d see her being a Blue Dragon, like Naga. I would be fine with her being a dragon as long she’s red, which fortunately looks unlikely, since the three other winners are Sword based, and IS will certainly lacks imagination for one of them (it will be Chrom).

That being said, I wouldn’t be against more creative takes. The Falchion one would be interesting.


Who were the 4 we’re getting again?
Other than Tiki

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One fanbase is going to be dissapointed for sure since everyone prefers something other than red… Seliph and Chrom have 2 sword alts, F!Byleth has a sword and a red tome alt, Tiki got 3 red dragons alts.

I would like B!Tiki to be a dragon because the Manakete’s from Awakening look pretty cool in my opinion. Though Feh kinda ruined their look a bit.




Unrelated but I was looking at Awakening classes and it reminded me we still don’t have a Griffon Rider in Feh… We need that like right now. Maybe as an ascended Cherche alt :feh_eirikathink:


Oh hey, I also made one.


Honestly I’m curious on how they are going to take on this CYL in general… we have 3 units known to use Swords, and a Dragon. Chrom they could just go Lucina and give him a Lance but they could also give him a Staff for both of his sisters, or just make him another Bow unit to be boring (probably Green to round out the colored Bows for him) Tho honestly I kinda hope he gets an Axe that’s effective against Dragons cuz so far we only have what… 1 and it’s on a seasonal unit, but we also only have 1 Lance that’s effective against Dragons also but she’s more of a support unit than an attacker.

F.Byleth it wouldn’t surprise me if they make her a Lance Cav taking after Jeralt.

Seliph I don’t really know too much about.

Tiki it wouldn’t surprise me if they just keep her as a Dragon cuz IS is a bunch of dummies who aren’t very unique, but my guess would probably be a Colorless Dragon

So I guess my prediction on at least everyone’s colors
Chrom - Green
Tiki - Colorless
Seliph - Red
F.Byleth - Blue


Possibly a Knight, as she would probably be better if she ends up in armor as apposed to an Infantry

Though I am sure they could make her powerful on foot, if they give her good enough effects


Seliph might be armored because he takes the role of king after the events of FE4 and in that game like in most FE games kings use the armored general class. Being a sword wouldn’t be bad I just dont want him riding a horse since he will be an upgrade of his legendary alt.

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Probably Green breath all things considered.

Seliph: Sword
Chrom: Lance
Byleth: Anything but let’s say C Tome
Tiki: Green Breath


She’ll probably still be a dragon, though given Byleth is there she’s probably not going to be red. Her and Chrom are the wild cards here.

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I swear if IntSys makes Chrom a green bow with To Change Future! I’m gonna rage so bad I might consider quitting Arena.

The reason I say this is because I feel Tiki has a good chance of being a blue dragon, Seliph a infantry/cavalry sword and Byleth a flying/infantry C tome.


Did you forget the part where B!Chrom is also a Cav and his To Change Future! + also gives him desperation and NFU ? /s

They are all going to be wild cards, 3 units known for using Swords

Byleth will likely be the sword user. Gotta have Snow Mercurius to complete the set.

Tiki could be any color if she’s a dragon. IS just colors dragons however the hell they want.

As for Chrom they’ll probably just remake his legendary alt again but in a different color. It worked so well last time didn’t it?

The type of unit I want B!A!Tiki to be is;

A good unit.

That is all.

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While true, we have 2 Byleth’s that could fill that role so it’s not guaranteed she’ll get it