What type of unit is F!Delthea? Is she a buffer like Delthea?

If she has Delthea’s attack and a more offensive tome, I might have to put Michalis on hold.

Offensive Blue Mage, usually.

No, she’s not a buffer. She’s an offensive blue mage with defensive capabilities.

Her Death tome gives +4 to all stats during combat, which allows for some crazy stat stacking.


I’m definitely putting Michalis on hold

She’s blue OG Celica.

More like a more flexible Celica.

Not really.
Celica is heavily focused towards attack and speed, with low balanced defenses. Fallen Delthea is biased towards Atk and Res, with low base defense and middling speed.


She’s an offensive mage. Her tome is Fury 4 with less recoil, so she runs brazens really well. She’s really good for a free unit but does not buff (unless you count the +6 every other turn from her wave).