What unit did you choose and why? VG

Sorry if i am late guys :sweat_smile: but can some of you tell me what unit did you choose and why? I am asking out of pure curiosity :smile: i don’t want to be rude. I just want to know your opinions, and also this can help me know what to do with said unit if it wins.
Thank you :heart:


What do you mean what units did we choose…?


Oh, for the voting gauntlet? I didn’t even connect vg at the end until now.

I chose Mythic Sothis because I want a merge and I don’t need anyone else.


I am supporting/will support, in order of priority:

  1. Heroes I don’t have yet (Altina)
  2. Heroes I want more of (Sothis, W!Sothis)
  3. Heroes that deserve to absolutely crush the pitiful choices of Edelgard and L!Azura (NY!Alfonse, L!Alm, L!Leif)
  4. Shouldn’t even get this far to decide between L!Azura and Edelgard lol

The enemy of the accursed flying dancer. (Because I already have her and don’t need another)


Rude ? No your good :grin: !

I chose Altina for a free merge since I’m merging her to +10,I will pick og Sothis for Time’s Pulse fodder if Altina gets knocked out (hopefully not :tired_face:) and if all else fails I’ll go with phonsy.


W Sothis for Skills.


A woman of culture…

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I picked altina, because I didnt get her in her banner (I got two sothis and three Marths instead).

If she loses a round I will pick whomever is up against edelgard to greatly punish people that picked her in a cyl


The edelgard votes to get her into this really irritate me. I don’t think we will get her… the community has to have more sense… but if she actually ended up winning, it would basically make this entire voting thing a complete and utter waste of time for the vast majority of players :/ Other than Azura, I’d be happy with any the remaining 6 heroes.


Edelgard because I hate FEH players and I don’t want them to get a rare free unit

But the actual reason is that I finished merging Sothis, my individual vote doesn’t matter much, and I don’t want any of the others to win (though I wouldn’t say no to TP fodder). So feathers, and an Edelgard merge.


I went for L!Leif because I really need a good archer.


Good Archer?

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I want her! I would choose her if she was in the voting gauntlet!

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I see a lot of people who want this “one” because they didn’t get this “one”.

Yo, merges matter. Fodder or merges. I respect nothing else

… Except Waifu

… And fandom

Okay screw this. Vote for what you actually love!


I wish her luck, because she is very good.

Edelgarde is a great unit with good fodder. I wonder if people sell her short. I mean, she’s not legendary, but she’s good.

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I went with alfonse.

I never tried to summon a duo. They didnt interest me enough. He is a blue tome. I dont need a blue tome.

But, he is the only duo. Im not interested in Tina. People acting like she is hot shit when swordhardts been doing the same exact thing slighty worse do to needing dc. She is beautiful, but I dont think I want her more than Alfie or leif.

Edel, like, wtf. She aint rare. Wth is she here. Hmm. I cant even remember the rest.

Peony is better that azura. I dont even care


Edelgard’s problem is that the unit is given to everyone. You could get pity broken by her at anytime. The other 7 are limited time only and the legendary/mythics share colors.


I chose Duo Alfonse since I need the merge, but I have plans for every unit, so it doesn’t matter who wins since VG is way too random anyway.