What upcoming banners should I roll on to help with my team comp?

I’ve recently started playing again after putting the game down for quite a while (I think I stopped playing after 2018’s Nerofest), and I wanted advice on what upcoming banners I should roll on to help my team composition as much as possible (and also who to use the upcoming 4-star ticket on). My current 4-5 star servants are:
Chevalier d’Eon: NP1
Chloe von Einzbern: NP5
Florence Nightingale: NP2
Helena Blavatsky: NP1
Ibaraki-Douji: NP1
Kiyohime (Lancer): NP1
Lancelot (Saber): NP2, Grailed to 90
Marie Antoinette: NP1
Mash Kyrielight: NP2, Stuck at 3rd Ascension until I clear Babylonia
Minamoto-no-Raikou: NP1
Mysterious Heroine X (Alter): NP1
Nitocris: NP1
Sakata Kintoki (Rider): NP2, Stuck at second ascension
Scáthach (Assassin): NP5
Siegfried: NP2
Stheno: NP2
Tamomo Cat: NP1
Vlad III: NP1
Xuanzang Sanzang: NP2

Answers with multiple suggestions and a bit of reasoning are preferable, thanks in advance for any advice you can give me!


My standard advice: If you need to ask what banners to roll on, you shouldn’t roll on any of them. Save your quartz for a servant you are enthusiastic about rolling for.

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The problem is more that I have no idea what the current meta is or what servants are going to be godsends for me moving forward with the end of Babylonia, Solomon, and the rest of the story so far. I feel like I am in desperate need of some good servants in the Rider, Lancer, and Assassin classes, but I don’t know which ones coming up are going to be “good” and/or synergize well with the servants I already have.

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Well, your Rider and Assassin woes may be solved by the upcoming Mecha Eli, who is a top-tier welfare Alter Ego with some very good ST buster damage. I generally consider her the best ST buster Assassin and one of the top ST buster Casters.

Did you not get RideRin? She’s a very good AoE quick Rider welfare, that should be totally sufficient for your needs in that department.

Honestly, your roster seems pretty solid, to me. You’re really only lacking in supports. That’s kinda tough, because most of them aren’t getting rate-ups for a while, sadly. But I would suggest just test-driving some servants from your friends list to find ones that appeal to your tastes. That’s how I found most of my favorites.


You already have several good servants, but if you’re concerned about your current Lancer lineup I’d say Ereshkigal is a good servant to look forward to sometime in November. She has several great support buffs for the team and her damage is still solid.

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I did not get RideRin, sadly. I’m definitely excited for Mecha-Eli, and excited for Sitonai for the same reasons (Alter Ego class advantage). The only reason I’m not settled on Sitonai’s banner already is because I am a pessimist who refuses to whale, so I mostly pick my banners based on the 4-stars and CEs. Mochizuki is apparently fairly underwhelming, and I already have Ibaraki-Douji (although it would be nice to level her NP). Any thoughts on who I should pick with the 4-star ticket that’s only a few months away? My gut says Lancelot or Hercules, but it’d be forever before I got Herc’s bond CE and I feel like I have a lot of decent-to-great berserkers already.

Yeah, I’d say your account is past the point where you’d derive much value from Herc. I’d still bond him to ten if he spooks you, if for no other reason than his OP skill buff in two years, but I wouldn’t prioritize him. Lancelot isn’t my cup of tea, but he’s consistently ranked among the top ST sabers in the game, so you can’t go wrong, there.

I am, of course, morally-obligated to inform you that there is but a single right and proper use for the Nero NP Upgrade Ticket:

Go for the support casters and Reines.

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For the ticket, I was referring to berserker Lancelot. I already have Saber Lancelot, and you may be able to tell by the fact that I’ve grailed him that he’s my favorite servant, ha.

Well, see, that right there is a perfect example of the problem. It’s hard to give useful advice when you don’t know enough about a person’s roster, playstyle, or aesthetic preferences.

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The most powerful servants coming up are Shi Huang Di, Kama, Reines, and Arjuna Alter. I would look into those more if I were you.

Other than that, obviously you could snag Merlin/Skadi dependent on what you are looking to pull. For instance, if you want Kama, I would go for Dantes on the rerun and pick up Skadi. That is a bit more long term though. Merlin would be major if you pick up Arjuna and maybe you might consider Orion if you go that route. But again, all of this is a year out.

Short term, as someone else stated, Eresh is coming. You could also roll for Carmilla to get a decent assassin asap. Most of the riders are around, so pick your poison as long as it is not Maid or Iskander. Rofl… just missed those.

For the ticket, other servants I was considering were Parvati, EMIYA, Atalante, Assassin of the Nightless City, and Valkyrie, just going off of their classes being ones I don’t have multiple 4-5 star servants of yet and their position on gamepress’ tier list.

Not gonna lie, that’s already a pretty damn good roster! It’s also always great to see another sage Master who appreciates the absolute unit that is Saberlot. I, too, love big crits (and I cannot lie)!

Anyhow, here are the “gaps” that I would try to fill in your Chaldea. Full disclosure, I’m a relatively new player myself so please take the following with a grain of salt:

  • Big 4 support casters: Waver, Merlin, Skadi, Tamamo. Any one of them would be a major boon.
  • AOE archer: Gilgamesh’s banner is up right now and he’s amazing. Emiya or Atalante would be great SR options.
  • AOE lancer: Ereshkigal is coming up soon, might actually roll for her myself (not sure yet). Parvati and Valkyrie are great SR options.
  • ST assassin: Nightless City is a good option but you can probably get by with some lower-rarity placeholders as well.

Don’t forget about lower-rarity servants! For example, Arash and Spartacus are godsends for farming. Ushiwakamaru and Medusa are decent riders (ST and AOE respectively), Hassan 100 is a decent ST assassin - these servants (whom you probably have at NP5 already) can easily help fill gaps in your roster until you come across more powerful alternatives.

I would also advise you to take tier lists with a grain of salt - their reasoning might not align with your particular use case and, for most players, personal preference trumps meta viability.

As for berserkers, I would skip Herc and Zerkerlot for now. As has already been noted, Herc is amazing at carrying new players through the early parts of the game but you’re already past that. Zerkerlot is great but he really needs higher NP levels to shine, he’s kinda underwhelming at NP1 (besides, you’ve already got a few good AOE berserkers).

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Yeah. I’ll probably go with Atalante, EMIYA, Parvati, Valkyrie, or Nightless City when the ticket comes up, depending on if I get any other servants that fill those niches before then. I’ve been looking a bit at the 5-stars on upcoming banners and I’m getting increasingly tempted to roll for Sitonai after looking at her kit, as she looks like she’d synergize well with my other Arts-and-Crit focused servants (and also because her banner is soon and I have very little patience).

Hi OP,

From looking at your roster, you’re still missing an AOE Archer, AOE Lancer, ST Rider and ST Assassin.

For upcoming banners:
AOE Archer: Gil’s banner is running right now and he’s one of the best buster AOE archers with a unique niche against servants so he’s also good for CQs.

AOE Lancer + ST Assassin: Kama (one of the best ST assassins) and Parvati (one of the best AOE lancers) will have a joint banner in March 2021 so that’s two birds with one stone.

ST Rider: Quetzalcoatl has a banner this Christmas, she’s one of the better ST Rider with a Buster Crit niche.


For the 4-Star ticket:

As other people have mentioned, it’s important to have supports in FGO since putting buffs on a single DPS yields higher damage than having multiple DPS in the lineup (unless you’re clearing waves of course).

So I would actually suggest getting Caster Gilgamesh as he’s a good Arts Crit support for your Lancelot and Chloe.

Hope this helps!

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You’re hurting for the big supports above all else. They’re the meta, and no Servants will take your current roster a level higher like they can. You might want to roll for QSH if he’s your thing since he’ll be the best anchor in the game for a while and the safest option against difficult content (he plays very slow however, especially without Merlin), but I would forego rolling for DPS for now.

If you can roll the GSSR, you can use it to snag a few DPS and hopefully fill a few niches in your roster while you save up for the supports.

Yeah, that’s part of the reason I’m not rolling for Gil right now. I hadn’t considered Caster Gil for the 4-star ticket until Syd123 mentioned it, but he might be in the running now. What are your thoughts on the ticket? I’m currently leaning towards Parvati as she’s more support than DPS but still fills one of my empty class niches as an AOE Lancer.

Parvati is a DPS. She’s also the best AOE Lancer in the game for two years until Castoria’s release (where fan favorite Fionn likely edges her out in most cases) imo, provided you have your own Skadi. She’s still good with a single friend Skadi but not quite good enough that I’d recommend using the ticket on her, especially to have her only at NP1 since her damage is really bad.

I second the CasGil suggestion. He’s fairly universal and will be an especially good boost to your Chloe and Lancelot, and can fill in as a wave clearer against Assassins occasionally.


I think I’ll probably use the ticket on Caster Gil unless I get spooked by Waver or something before then. Any opinions on rolling on Sitonai’s banner?

The smile most worth protecting. In JP she currently has a case to be argued as the best ST Arts Servant in the game. Until we reach that point in NA, she’ll be a very solid option for ST content but not a uber top meta pick. It’s not about her so much as it is about Arts not having a big support on the caliber of Merlin and Skadi until Castoria is released.

That being said, you have none of these supports so it doesn’t really factor in your case. I say if you like her, roll for her. She will already be good and her value will only go up as time goes on based on current clairvoyance. If you don’t care about Illya and aren’t sure if you see yourself still playing in two years, then don’t bother.

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