What was the original, GBL S1 team you used?

Cherrim - Razor Leaf/Hyper Beam
Nothing to say about it except xD
Prinplup - Bubble/Bubble Beam
Obviously it was super glassy, but it sometimes ended up leading my team to victory due to annoying the opponent to hell with the Bubble Beam drop
Scyther - Fury Cutter/Aerial Ace
Obviously no Night Slash, but back in the good old days, people had almost no control when it came to using shields. So, when I noticed AA charged up REALLY fast, I ended up leading Scyther for a while, so I would just kinda mow through the opponent’s shields. (And yes, I was one of the many people who had no control when it came to using shields :stuck_out_tongue:)

Raikou with wild charge, entei with flamethrower and exploud with bite. lol these were the ones that were close to 1500 cp

I am ashamed to say I used Altaria/Azumarill/something else that didn’t really matter.

Back then I hadn’t been paying any attention to PvP, so when GBL dropped I used whatever was close to the cap - a Bedrill, a half-cooked Medicham and an A-Raticate.

S1 or preseason? Pretty sure preseason was a-sandslash, Clefable and Kingdra, all mono-moved. Only one with any thought process was that A-Slash loaded moves fast, from fooling around with battles against friends. Other two were just near 1500. Both turned out to be decent at the time. The Kingdra was running a blizzard nuke closing. Pure coincidence, thats what it had. Still does.

Settled into some version of whiscash skarmory probopass eventually

Medicham/Azumarill/Altaria. Yes literally the most generic team ever in S1.

I think I was running A-tales, quagsire and infernape with close combat and flamethrower, just whatever I had haha. Meganium sans FP and nidoqueen got thrown in there occasionally

Good team then, still a good team now.

Preseason team was Medicham @ like 1200, Lapras with water gun and surf, and entei with fire spin and flamethrower. I remember going straight power up punch against every lead matchup because everyone just shielded the first 2 things.

I eventually went into whiscash/Haunter/Umbreon after I learned a thing or two and got stuff double moved. That did pretty well for me

  1. Megnanium:Vine Whip/Frenzy plant+Earthquake
    2.A-Stunfisk:Mud Shot/Rock Slide+Earthquake
    3.Skarmory:Air Slash/Sky Attack

I probably discussed it here, probably Meganium, Azumarill, Altaria. I made a pvp Medicham before GBL even existed, very certain I didn’t use it though. I had those 3 ready before GBL, too. I didn’t play pvp though, made stuff the concensus liked

Primeape and Azumarill.

I remember that my very first (2) rounds I went 10-0 with Primeape on the lead. Just Counter Counter Counter > Night Slash Night Slash Night Slash to 10-0.

Preseason team

Latias -charm/psychic
(Was just amazed by the charm damage)
Lapras -ice shard/hydropump
(It looks cool and I remembered red use it against elite 4)
Kabutops -mud shot/water pulse
(I thought it was a ground water but it’s rock)

Got ok results but also because people used random mons

Was it released already?

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Yes it was

I think I used Probo, Tropius (terrible IVs but it’s the only one I have still) and maybe Toxicroak? I think I also had a Whiscash in rotation too.

For the first three seasons, I ran (in Great League):

  1. Azumarill with Bubble + Ice Beam and Play Rough
  2. Venusaur with Vine Whip + Frenzy Plant and Sludge Bomb
  3. A-Marowak with Fire Spin + Bone Club and Shadow Ball

Bulbasaur was my starter in RBY and I have fond memories of Tracey’s Marill in the anime, so upon realising that they were good, I did not hesitate to use them. In pre-season, I experimented with a few options (notably Probopass) for the third slot, before choosing A-Marowak, because Registeel was too OP back then and I always felt Marowak should have been a Ghost-type.

In season 4, I replaced Venusaur with Ferrothorn (Bullet Seed + Power Whip and Thunder) because Venusaur was too easily walled by Skarmory and Altaria. My team remained a cohesive unit that I had lots of fun with.

With the nerf to Azumarill and A-Marowak, my team has lost its cohesion. The knowledge and skills that I have painstakingly learnt no longer seem to work. As a result, I am no longer enjoying Great League and feel like quitting PvP altogether.

Stunfisk wasn’t released for the first (GL)round of season 1 (March 2020) as far as I remember, but it definitely was there when you could chose between leagues at the end of season 1. I think it appeared very late in March, maybe 30 or even April 1st, cause I remember all the April fool’s jokes.
However, the moveset you posted is more that of galarian one ;) and that appeared a lot later of course.
I don’t remember my team. Just don’t know if I had my altaria ready back then. Could be. Meganium i used early as well. I do remember my Lucario PuP being very successful in preseason though :D only some days unfortunately and then people figured out how to play good

Hhhhmmmm my S1 team was a pretty standare Azu-Altaria core with a SB+FB Hypno, but my pre-season team was absolutely nuts: Flygon, Spiritomb, Charizard

My original preseason team was Probopass, Altaria, A-Marowak, and oh man, Probopass was the MVP by a landslide. The vast majority of leads were Skarmory, Altaria, or Azumarill, and Probopass just shredded all of them (almost no one ran HP on Azu at the time). If they swapped right away, it was usually to a Counter/Razor Leaf user or something with ground coverage, at which point Altaria came in and sealed the deal.