What was the original, GBL S1 team you used?

Probopass was so good back then! The meta was very slow and bulky (apart from the mudbois) so it generally outspeeded everything. Also beating it’s rival Basti (as long as you shielded FT) was a solid claim to fame.

I ran it with Magnet Bomb (don’t really remember why tbh it’s definitely not that useful coverage) and Rock Slide so had Tropius in the back for waters.

I hope Probo gets its day in the Sun again in remix cup. I saw a few people testing them out recently but I can’t imagine it holds up well to all the weather ballers and pseudo mudbois


Raichu: Tpunch+Brick Break
Hitmonchan: Tpunch, Ice Punch
Golbat/Ivysaur (don’t remember which originally, used them interchangeably but always liked Golbat best)

Later, I got on the Probopass train. My main team was Probopass, Hypno, Ivysaur/Ludiculo (once I got one) for a long time! I rarely had one team per season and often mixed things up with Mantine, DDeoxys, etc.

Here another Probopass lover! As I remembered, it doesn’t need to shield Flamethrower from Bastiodon. It wins all even shield matchups.
Last season I paired it with double flying types and they worked resaonably well. In the last event just caught a 99.1% Nosepass to replace my former 97.6% one.

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Yep. Yet another Gunfisk casualty… :skull_and_crossbones: I could beat Gunfisk with Ludiculo but it was pretty close. Switch Hypno to Fire Punch just because of them.

I think i had A-raichu (thunderpunch/grassknot) A-marowak (shadow ball/bone club) whiscash (blizzard/mud bomb)
Once Scrafty was released, I used it with lot of success (my longest streak, 28) but dont remember in what team

I was expecting all F’s
The team I used to use, I mean

Probopass, Swampert, Ludicolo.

Yeah probo was the best when everyone lead flyers. Then 9/10 times, they’d switch to Azu, I’d immediately switch to Ludi and razor leaf em down, tank an ice beam cos it was neutral damage and then I’d have an ice beam of my own completely charged when Azu was gone. If it was Altaria that switched back in and they didn’t shield, it was game over, and that often happened due to Ludi’s unknown factor back then. Swampert was the best to handle all the opposing Regis and the like. Those were the days…

Frosslass, Raikou and Entei. I forget which moves they had

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Didnt Venomoth used to be used or something? Or was it just my low rank

The first team I ever used was Venusaur/Melmetal/Lapras (GL),

First ultra league team was Gira-A/Venusaur/Charizard/Swampert/Clefable, switching which two of them I used depending on what I seemed to encounter the most,

First master league team was Metagross/Tyranitar(bite/crunch/Lugia, none of them where two moved, and I got my best win streak with it in the preseason (18), and I have only been able to reach it but not get higher than it once since then lol.

Icebeaming Altarias with Ludiculo was the best feeling ever…bar none!!! :pogo_happy: :ice_cube: