What was the point of the True Name system?

Note: This is purely in regards to FGO’s Epic of Remnant and not the Fate story at large whereby servants are often called by their class name.

With how antilcimactic or in-your-face the true names of both Caster of Midrash and Caster of Okeanos have been presented in Salem, I against have to ask what the hell the point of the true name system was from the start?

The only two cases where I can see a reasonable argument for their effect would be Archer of Shinjuku and Rider of Resistance, though both could have their identities easily deduced in my opinion either through their character, appearance, speech, or related characters that were involved in the same singularity.

It just seems… pointless, and given that they have seemingly decided to drop the system, I believe they realized such.

So, what am I missing here? If you are able to summon a unit, you should be able to know their name, identity, and NP, without having it locked away in content.


They wanted to add some flavour to the stories it seems.

I really didn’t get it for Caster of Okeanos, as she had her name revealed literally in the next scene after appearing in the story. She never acted as “Caster of Okeanos”.


This is certainly the most egregious case so far I would say. It’d be one thing if she had presented as herself up to that point, but since she was “disguised” under another servant with another name, she wasn’t using the pseudonym anyway.

But even before with Caster of Midrash in how they blatantly say who she is during one of the Salem plays, like come on…

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I mean, Circe is by far the most famous/obvious case here. They weren’t even trying to hide her identity…her NP name was visible immediately.

Moriarty was obvious as soon as Holmes entered the story. But Holmes wasn’t there at the beginning.

I think it’s clear that by the end of Shimousa they decided it wasn’t worth keeping, see: 50% of Salem’s servants who eschew the system altogether and the other 50% who are spoonfed to you.

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The true name system actually spoils it sometimes. Knowing that Yagyu was Saber of Emperio ruined any trace of surprise from the reveal

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That was a kind of backwards use of the system that seems clever at first glance, but it doesn’t mesh well with how the system is used in every other instance, as you said. If you just went in blind, you’d think Yagyu is just one of the many random NPCs in the Singularity since his name is revealed right away and you never get to use him as support. Then the story reveals that he is the Saber of Empireo whose silhouette you’ve been seeing constantly, it’s kind of a cool twist.
However, this is all completely spoiled by the summoning campaign and fansites using his “hidden name” to prevent spoilers like they would for the other servants with hidden names. All of these should have broken the mold and used his true name instead, and it wouldn’t have spoiled anything. Instead, the lack of flexibility in clinging to convention like with the others despite the fact that he is used very differently in the story, ruined it.


Yeah like, as a strong enthusiast of Greek mythology, I blamed the supposed obviousness on my biases because of my history with the material, but come on now… it’s way too overt. And since the reveal happened the way it did in game, the whole masquerade was entirely pointless.

You might as well take Artoria and call her “Saber of Camelot” with the NP Excalibur. Gee, I wonder who that could be…

Pretty much agree with everything here. Decent idea, poor execution, and with little to no consistency throughout the pseudo-singularities, there was no point in continuing it. I just hope they don’t plan on reviving it in the future, or if they do, at least do it right. Keep and build the suspense. Make the secrecy worthwhile.

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They wanted you to do the EOR stories as people would skip it if they didn’t put a lock on something. xD

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Ehh, I mean, that feather node we’re about to get is good, good civ.

Heart node too.

Gear node in Shinjuku.

Snake jewel node in Agartha. I think Mirrors will get a quest in Agartha or Shimousa.

Obviously it’s from the non-FGO stories, where grail wars being a battle royale mean everyone wants to keep their true names secret. This guessing aspect was completely dropped for the entirety of the Solomon Chapter, so it’s understandable that they would want to try and revive it at some point.
However, as everyone has said, they’re not good at it.
EoR is a little better about having the servant bosses reoccur a few times, over the previous chapter where they would frequently appear for the first time, fight, and disappear, but it ultimately never works because of the story structure. The best use was Agartha, both with Columbus and the other servants as it was a much more strategic consideration than the other remnants.


Well, if anything Shimosa ones sounds so cool to the point that they’re like Princes of Hell.

Lancer of Purgatorio, Archer of Inferno, Assassin of Paraiso, Caster of Limbo, etc. It’s just that if they come to your Summons under these names, it’s sorta I don’t know uhh confusing?

Wait, am I the only one who thought that the NP becomes more powerful (like Mash’s Lord Chaldea -> Lord Camelot upgrade) once the true name is revealed?


Nope. Seen others make that mistake as well.

that’s the only time that happens, because Mash is the story servant.

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It was good on shinjuku if you asked me. Even before it was good for mash but after shinjuku i dont see anything mind blowing

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I think storywise they hide their names to hide their weaknesses (like in fsn etc.). And the names are hidden for the player to hide plot points and key servants (Archer of Shinjuku, Caster of Nightless City). Obviously we can look up the real names in the wikis, but if you want to enjoy the story you can ignore the wikis and just play the game unspoilered.
I mean Babylonia was a joke, you fight with Ana who won’t reveal her name to hide a plotpoint , but you can summon her as Medusa Lancer at the same time. I think its better to hide the names to make plot points not to obvious for people who want to enjoy the story.

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Even if they try to hide servant name that probably will work in JP since NA player have “True Name Revelation EX++”

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yeah but some people play for the plot

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It is good civilization :fgo_badciv:

ehhh, I wouldn’t go that far,

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