What was your beginner mistake that haunts you to this day?

We all have made beginner mistakes. Maybe it was ignoring Hans because of his introduction, or caster supports altogether. Maybe it was overlooking low rarity servants, or it could even be ignoring certain event CEs. However, which was your one mistake that trumps them all and affects your FGO experience to this day?

In my case, it was related to Kaleidoscope. I started the game not long after the launch of the NA server, and back then I never considered starting NP CEs particularly useful, as I wasn’t aware of battery options and 3T setups and all that jazz, and instead I was all about CEs that made damage numbers bigger, because bigger is better.

However, as if to spite me, I actually managed to pull three copies of Kaleidoscope in the first week of playing the game (hell, I can’t be sure, but I think one of them actually came from my first 10 pull), and in my ignorance I have proceeded to limit break one of them twice instead of holding onto them.

Since then, I never pulled a single Kaleidoscope, and thus I am feeling the effects of my stupidity to this day, as the lack of extra scopes makes a lot of great 3T farming strategies either really complicated (having to rely on time-consuming plugsuit-juggling) or straight up impossible.


Not understanding the urgency of limited events. I joined right around the Honnouji re-run and now my Nobu is forever stunted at Level 40 and Np1 :frowning:


Does sacrificing the wrong Alex for NP2 count? :fgo_rinlaugh:

Long rectified (Zaynab’s Alex is 70 7/7/10 and, naturally, NP5 by now), and a worthwhile lesson to lock down 3- and 4-star Servants right on arrival.

I burned 1 D’Eon, 1 Eli lancer, 1 Anne bonny Rider, 3 Medusa lancer.

Sure, i don’t get salty because honestly i would never used them, i did not like them (save for Eli). But still, to burn so many 4* is an insult to everyone who roll and never get anything.


Infusing my Li Shuwen into my Tamalancer. I assumed because he was a 4 star he would never be as good as a 5 star, and I was tempted by that last little bit of experience I needed to max her out, and I made a foolish mistake


There was a massive thread similar to this a few months ago, but I think not necroing that was a good idea.

I’ll have tonnes of fun laughing at the embarrassing stories, keep them coming!

Two things actually. First one was burning the very first CasCu you get after clearing Fuyuki. CasCu isn’t really an amazing servant but when I found out certain 3* servants are story locked I instantly regretted burning him since I know I’ll never get him again since I’m not willing to waste a couple of tickets or sq just to satisfy my collection needs. At least I have him at NP2 on my alt. The second one is burning my first copy of Imaginary element. Like you mentioned, I never really valued starting charge CEs when I first started out as well. It doesn’t help in the fact that it suffers from split stats too. I was fortunate enough to grab 4 more copies after though but if it wasn’t for that mistake I could have been rocking with an mlb one for that starting 75% charge instead. All the missed opportunities for having a decent 3 turn farming comp without hoping for an arts card

Not look it up…anything.
On my defense i was here for story and story only. Honestly, if my weeb ass wouldn’t reconize the Kugimiya Rie’s voice on nobu i probably wouldn’t even bother doing the event -as my first event-.
Basicly i did every possible mistake for not looking up. Tho playing grand sphere before save a few decisions, Like “don’t burn anything unless you really really need it”
But i diss the low rarity servants, didn’t even put any kind of CE until 60 or so days. How do i even level a servant? Isn’t it by playing the quest? What is this bond point? Mash sucks.

On my first account, I burned all the bronze servants I got. That account didn’t last long.


LB without MLB of event gatcha 4&5* CE’s before the rerun (which I didn’t know was a thing then). Still have some of those affected reruns coming up to haunt my mistake :fgo_deadinside:

I also definitely undervalued servants with np’s that did not do damage and ignored so many waver rate ups. He still hasn’t forgiven me :sob:

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Ah, we are in the same boat then.
But in my case she stuck forever at np1 because at that time i still underestimate the power of np5 welfares.
( also my chacha is still np3 too :joy:)


I don’t rly have any huge mistakes since im more careful when beginning a game and look things up and ask questions.
I can’t rly think of any beginner mistakes.

Feed Orion (my first ssr) to Arash

I got him from his original event and that was on my first day playing FGO too… So when I got him, I tought my luck to get ssr in this game is above average…

But a few banners later, I got Edmond in his og event too… So i don’t really mind actually

The main reason why I feed him to Arash… Just because Artemis’ love is just for that mascot bear :p


Well, I burned Edison and Caster Cú…but corrected that during Chaldea Boys when they both got to np5 :fgo_deadinside:

Fortunately I’ve recovered from my newbie mistakes :sweat_smile:

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Luckily enough i made all those newbie mistakes (missing welfares, wasting SQs, and so on…) on my old JP account so when NA launched i was more or less prepared.

I too have thought that Kaleidoscopes grow on trees and did the same mistake as OP but I’ve “corrected” it during the past months.

At least you have him. The only thing that I got was being able to add Oda Nobunaga temporarily to my party and then it’s all just memories of the very first Welfare that I could have permanently have.

Also I sort of regret my excessive use of Saint Quartz for everything but then I was really impulsive so…

LBing event CE without being able to MLB / LBing event CE at all pre-reruns.

Thankfully, pretty much never had a big impact, was certainly :neutral_face: to see and that’s what matters.

Not rolling for Kintoki because I love that wonderful lad.

I didn’t but have continually aimed for it across several no-rate-up SSR CE banners and have gotten virtually everything but FML.

I know the feeling, I got 3 Kaleidoscopes in January of which I essentially wasted two and another 3 in the august-september banners. That’s 6 months of realisation that I’ve done something stupid.