What. Why



Probably for her Resplendent artwork.



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Um, it released today


Marry me.

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Nah 20200325_120020


I was literally going to make a case for Henry vs. Sophia, especially after the new refines. Like, an actual 5 minutes ago. I didn’t even know this was a thing.

Henry’s refine is really something.

Are you supposed to be her, or are you just crossdressing?

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Is there anything else you do in your free time besides being thirsty for some underaged and some not underaged FEH girls


My plan:

(Once leveled time 40)

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And by lazy you mean cost effective :upside_down_face:

Because I’ve totally invested in her already. Watch out for her base kit!

This was a pre-manual creation. Not anything done recently. Yes it was stopped at 9 as I had intended to do this if feathers were more plentiful.


Real talk, thats pretty cool.
I didn’t even think of that as a tactic for getting the most out of her.
I just added mine to the project list.

Full respect points for getting around the 5-star system.

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4 star merges aren’t unheard of though?

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I don’t know how to really build her, and since she isn’t a 5*+10 merge project, I’m content with her at 4*+10. Much like I’m content with my Seliph at 4*+10 - and he’s super built, DC / IP 3, etc. Just not a character I have attachment to, and been considering this for some others. This copy got me a the final merge, her 5* convo and weapons to merge down. So I can put some budget stuff on her and use her in AA, or as a random bonus unit in arena/AR (if those days ever come again).

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But my gosh, her art is 10000000000000000000000000% better. Super night/day difference. Second to Cordelia who also had really needed it. Ike and Lyn look great, but I don’t think their base art/sprite/portrait were as bad as Cordelia and Sophia.

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I just think its neat because with resplendent boosts she is about as good as her old 5-star version which was at least a thorn in the side of some colorless units. If that’s her intended purpose she should be able to get it done.

I’m in it for the collection… but now I have to load cancel affinity on my Norne just in case she becomes a problem later.

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4*+10 ~= 5*+5 in terms of stats. The only difference is that she wouldn’t be able to use a dual skill (fine by me, wouldn’t give it to her anyways). Has all the same perks with all skills and her 5* weapon.

I’m in for the collection part, which is why I’m getting her 5* level 40 convo. I don’t need all heroes at 5* rarity, or 5* +10. I’m also all for building any/all units, just Sophia wasn’t in a position to be built, and she will be more considered for things now.

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I got beat up so much during my first run in FEH that I just cant rest on a 5+ performance.
I wish I had it in me still. But thinking the way I do has kind of given me patience and a lack of loyalty to any premium units that have a skill I like and no merges (except Bernadetta… she should be dead by now… but I cannot do it).