What would a anime remake of the Fate route be like today?

At this point asking for a anime remake of the fate (Artoria’s) route is kind of a meme but that gets me thinking of what a remake of the fate route would be like.

Sure we have the DEEN anime but things were different back then. The Fate franchise was still young and hasn’t become the giant it is today. Not only that but the VN made you play the Fate route first because Fate has a lot of exposition and world building that is used for the other routes. But because of the UBW anime and movies a lot of that exposition is stuff most of us already know. Hell the Fate route kept Artoria’s identity hidden for nearly half the route since it was supposed to be a big reveal but these days its pretty much common knowledge.

What do you guys think needs to be tweaked to make the Fate route more entertaining for the modern day? And what would you like to see added in? Personally I’d like to see flashbacks to when Artoria was alive back in Camelot and more of the decisions and sacrifices she made to be the perfect king in more detail and how it affected her then and now along with more detail of how Camelot fell apart. Another thing I’d like to see in more detail is Cu vs Gil in the church, the fight that supposedly lasted half a day or at least a few hours. Cu is one of those characters who has a lot of potential to do cool stuff but lacks a lot of opportunities to show how strong he actually is. If the HF movie is willing to remake his fight with Cursed Arm into a crazy brawl across the city imagine what could be done in his fight against Gil.


As long as there’s no route mixing, CGI dragon, and unexplained Caliburn plot armor (this one isn’t just a DEEN FSN complaint), I’ll take anything. The DEEN show’s OSTs slapped tho

It’d be nice if a remake anime retained the introductory nature of the first route, even tho there’s nothing to introduce anymore. I’ve read the VN route and I do think it needs some tweaks to be good so I hope a remake could achieve that.

And it’s not a meme it’s gonna be announced for New Year’s


And FSF+Prototype will both have FGO collab events with Proto-Gil, Homunculus Ishtar, Avenger Heracles and new Pseudos. For sure. By Christmas.


It’s quite different to the soft rock of future Fate titles but Deen’s OP is very catchy and hummable :fgo_musashi:

I like the idea of having more exposition on Saber’s past, we already know all about her last moments but showing her life in Camelot would be a nice addition.

I’d love to see a Fate adaptation in any case though, even if they stay completely faithful to the VN. We already know Ufotable has the habit of expanding every fight scene so that is already a good reason to be excited about it since that route has plenty of them, imagine the iconic Saber/Medusa fight with that animation.

I really hope they will announce it in the future.


The Deen series is what got me into the franchise. I haven’t watched it since 2005/6 or something though.

Also they better get on it quick because Nakata Jouji is 67 yo already


Why bother thinking about an hypothetical scenario which won’t happen anyway?

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying


its the usual doggo solo you see in FGO. Gil rains swords, Cu spams PfA and his skills. :fgo_gudako:


it’d probably look like an ufotable production


Pretty much, I heard somewhere he lived for so long because of those skills. Considering that whenever Gil wants someone dead they’re usually dead within seconds or minutes tops like with Herc. Gil says it himself at the end of that scene that he wants Cu dead so he can materialize the grail to use it on Artoria.

When Shirou leaves the church the sun was still up since he left in the morning. When they make it back home there’s still daylight when they find that Kirei already attacked the house and made off with Illya. Shirou and Artoria confront Gil and Kirei later that night after giving Artoria her sheath back and (in the uncensored VN) horizontal tango. It’s mentioned (by Gil) that when they arrive at the temple the void just opened so what was Gil doing for those hours? He knows where the Emiya home is since that’s where he kills Medea in the VN. That’s probably the train of thought that implies Cu lived for that long, I’ve looked over the last chapter of the VN and couldn’t find exactly where it says he survives for half a day.

Edit: Fate/Complete Material is where the half a day feat comes from. It’s on the wiki.

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Night of Fate is really good capturing the more mystical elements of the story.

if ufotable did it like the other routes…

beautiful and hopefully with that 3some…


I would really like a good adaptation of the fate route. I would have it retain most of its introductory/expeditionary dialog. I would hope that it could be a very good answer to the “How do I start Fate?” question as it is the first route and should serve that purpose even if most of the knowledge is know by people already in the fandom.

Also I want it to really build Shiro and Sabers relationship and explore Saber’s character. Ironically I think that OG Saber gets kind of shafted in the character department. She gets explored in Fate/Zero, but that’s mostly about how she is different than Kiristugu other wise she just sorta appears in the background of other anime and events. Her various alters get more screen time and development than OG Saber because she is supposed to get this development in the Fate route. So I want to be able to get a clear grasp on who she is in a Fate route anime.


Her true personality is the King of Eating whose weakness is bowls of rice and kotatsu.


Very true, but kinda a weird fate for the face of Fate to be flandarized into that. I want to see what she was before that.


An interesting thing I feel could be included in Camelot flashbacks would be more context on how Artoria handled the affair with Guinevere and Lancelot. When Tristan left the round table he was the one who said “our king does not understand the human heart”. Harsh words but Artoria did make the decision to be unfeeling and impartial to be the best king she can be. I wonder if Artoria made the decision to pardon Lancelot and Guinevere not just because she wanted them to be happy but to prove to herself Tristan’s statement wasn’t true. Thing is an affair with the king’s wife is treason and if it goes unpunished (especially by the king) it sends a really bad message and given Artoria was king for a decade she should have known better. Hell Lancelot went mad because he knew he should have paid some kind of price for the worst crime a knight could do.


You know I’ve always wondered what Fate’s Guinevere would be like because I don’t remember (or we haven’t been given any) details about her which is weird. I mean she is an important character that only gets a passing mention by others and only about how her and Lancelot’s relationship help cause the fall of Camelot. Hell Morgan is a whole character that gets expanded upon (I know nothing about LB6 besides that she appears), but not one of the major players in the fall of Camelot?

Instead of an anime, each route would be a trilogy of movies. Don’t ask me how I know. Classified.

Sadly, you ain’t getting much exploration outside her route in F/SN. To a degree, that’s ok as her story finishes very neatly (Especially with End of The Dream) but the degree which she has been flanderized (Most characters in the game suffer from this to varying degrees) is rather sad.

Considering how the HF movies cut a lot of important content, no thank you.

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