What would a anime remake of the Fate route be like today?

Im not mad at her story being very contained to the Fate route, but I still want to see said route. I still find it a weird twist of fate that the face of Fate is one of the characters with the least known development, and not because she doesn’t have one, as you need to watch the Deen anime or read the VN both of which not alot of people have done.

I would still like for her not to get so utterly sidelined in FGO.

Her not having much of a role in FGO is fine in theory as her story is already finished but in practice it’s a problem because you rarely see her character traits outside of gags.

So whoever is seeing her for the first time, they are only gonna see that exaggerated version of the character but then again, the real problem is that outside of the Fate not getting a proper anime adaptation, the fact that the original VN isn’t officially available in English is the real problem (The again, this also extends to all of TMs VNs).

So in general, people really don’t have a reason to care about Saber or any of the OGs that don’t really appear outside of F/SN.

I’d rather them focus on new stories than keep focusing on older ones tbh. Fate/Stay night already has 3 anime to its name and that’s enough imo

But if they were to do a remake I agree with lots of people in the thread that it should be a nice introductory entry in the franchise. A solid starting point to give to people when they ask “where should I start watching fate?” Would make the franchise as a whole more approachable

Fate/Stay Night is 3 separate stories.

The Deen UBW movie doesn’t exist. So that aside you have 1 anime series for the Fate route, 1 series for UBW and 3 movies for HF (which is less than a 24 ep cour).

So… 1 adaptation for each route, with the oldest one (Deen’s 2006 Fate route) taking generous liberties with the source material and being a bore on the whole. (Partly because the Fate route is just a bunch of exposition and sucks in the first place)

So… no, this isn’t “please sir even more /Stay Night remakes.” This is more “Hey remember the route for the literal face of the franchise that’s not really up to par? What if it got a rewrite for a new anime?”

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The Fate Route isn’t exactly amazing but it isn’t bad either.

It’s just the weakest of the 3 routes and has to compete with monsters like UBW and HF. Besides, unlike the other 2, it has the duty of establishing a lot of the lore.

Having said that, it really does need a remake to bring it up to par to the other two routes.


It sucks comparatively because it’s the intro route saddled with handling the major exposition dumps. I just prefer to write things a little more reductionist when people think that the various Stay/Night anime projects are all adaptations of the same material.

An agent of chaos i see.

At this point, an anime is more likely than getting an official translation of the original VN.

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