What would you change on dialogues?

Is there anything you upset about dialogues options? Is it on main story or interlewds? Maybe they are too OOC for your taste? Or maybe you had a better one without even knowing what’s coming?
How would you change it?

Bonus: What dialogue option was the best and why is it “sky high rider-buster justice bomb!” ?


I would make dialogue options change interactions based on your choices. Though, i would leave the Main Story line alone. Still, leave side options available for various characters in the story. Even tie your options to Bond XP for the affected Servants.


I’m tired of the alcohol options. For a self-insert, that is one of the things that bothers me the most, considering that in my country and certain Europe nations you can drink at 16 in a controlled family environment.

I know Japan is allowed after you turn 20 but that underage joke has gone for too long and for a now international franchise it just itch me in the wrong way. I also don’t like that some options don’t change the outcome of the overall self contained stories. I don’t mean changing the ending of each singularity/lostbelt, but very slightly altering the dialogue if you were harsh in some battle scenarios or too scared, like Babylonia and Lostbelt 1 did with their “choose your battle” option.

You know, instead of being speechless and crying because the near end of Lostbelt 1 demands it, you say something like “Screw it, I fight for what I believe!” and the boss says something like, “Good, at least you are willing to fight because your spirit is strong”.

I also know this is not a romance game but certain singularities and events have huge potential for a little romantic or friendship (bro or big sis) scene for the main hero /heroine of the story. A little kiss instead of a thanks in the Halloween and CCC events from Elizabeth, Melt or whoever. Something that says, “dude, the ending is the same, but the unique interactions are my own”.

I know all of them are very hard to implement in an already heavy story game, specially for as mobile that has for the most part endearing or silly stupid stories, with some ugly ducks here and there. I want to play as my Ritsuka, not play the Ritsuka of everyone else. As I said, I don’t want over-complicated branches because I already said that it would be hard to do, but at least have that my Ritsuka drinks because he is curious or doesn’t give a damn anymore, and others don’t drink because it would be a waste for the mission. Not because Mash and everybody says so.

In few words, leave the main story alone but give us better interactions.


The dialogue being about a certain choice even if I picked the other at times I wouldn’t mind changing :ferdbirb:

It’s clear they only made dialogue for one of the options so why put another?

Also stuff like this:


Having our dialogue choices actually mean something would be nice, since it usually just does whatever regardless of what we pick

Well, as I understand it, that’s more of a Japanese cultural thing. Depictions of underage drinking are frowned upon in Japan, which is why so many anime and games go out of their way to explicitly state that what the characters are drinking is totally NOT alcohol, you guys, really. Seriously. Totally not…


That’s obviously done intentionally as a gag. Personally, I think it’s pretty funny. They use the gimmick sparingly enough that I don’t feel like it’s overplayed.


That is why I put in my comment that their legal age is 20. But still… why offer us the drink if 100% of the time we will not have the drink? It is silly.

I would merely add variety - give a Nope options where far too few exist, or the choice to sidestep emotional railroading (even if I frequently enjoy and think it’s generally well-written all-in-all for a mobile game). A proclamation of duty to do [thing] as previously described to counterbalance the despair, despair to counterbalance the times Ritsuka’s understandably processing trauma.

I don’t mind it as it is per se as I’m quite comfortable with my Gudako not being me, and have been fine with her as her own person since back in Camelot, but the option of choice could stand to be a little more fleshed out even if she is the same ruthlessly compassionate, frighteningly dedicated and all-loving heroine (with a bundle of issues!) at the end of the day.


I wish the MC was more confident in themselves. Everyone is always shitting on them and they just take it


Billy the Kid: Say the word master. I’ll fill Kadoc full of lead.

Boom Headshot.

Kneecap him.


Yeah it’s clear that’s what it is, just feels pointless to me. Glad you find it funny at least.

Guess it ain’t the worst thing.

It’s just me but i always imagine these like this
first option told by male
second option told by female
So whatever gender you picked you must choose accordingly.

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But the dialogue already changes depending on the Master’s gender, and there’s no way to tell them apart :thinking:

It’s a way to look at it I guess :ferdbirb:

This. When our main chooses to kill him, other character intervenes and says that they need him alive and scold you harsh for your idea. And when we choose the kneecap, someone in Chaldea shows their anger but at least it is a wound they can easily treat. And then give us a third option that says “Thanks but it is okay”. Doesn’t change the story but it flesh out our player character.

For what use it is to give us the freedom to change our name if we are not playing a blank slate? If this was like Fate Stay Night where we play as Shirou, then fine, I wouldn’t mind at all. But this is a self-insert. And if it is not, then don’t give us that tiresome illusion of choice. Just my two cents.


Yep, pretty much.
I even used to think the first one told in a serious tone and the second is more of a playful way but it got shattered when they introduce (writing the emotion like this)

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Those are usually for kinda comedic purpose

I’m fine with the diáloges as they are

I assume the same reason older rpgs did it. The illusion of freedom.

When it comes to these type of game they seem to run a weird line between wanting the character to be all inclusive so anyone can jump into their shoes, yet at the same time to be completely pure and all loving hero. It’s the same reason why Mash will always be in limbo with her feelings for us and why a major servant that falls in love with us never joins our Chaldea or is technically gone by the end of the event and we summon the same servant but with a new personality as far as I’ve seen (although I guess Majin Okita is the exception now).

Instead of making one side happy and alienating the other it seems they’ve gone with the equally happy & unhappy at certain points.

But I think you have a good idea. Maybe like older games such as Mass Effect where they give us a ‘Good’, ‘Bad’ and The Ugly a ‘Neutral’ option with dialogue that branches off for more than a sentence would be nice.


Adding an option to skip until next dialog choice. Sometimes I want to test all the options but it’s just a pain to start from the beginning everytime.