What would you do (grails)?

I just broke my own limitation of don’t give a grail to a servant above lvl 90. Now my Assassin Shiki is Max Fou (2000/2000) and is lvl 92.
I stoped of giving to her more grails because I started to doubt on what to do.

The main reason for what I put me that limitation is because I think that I have to many servants that I love and I will no have enougth grails to put them all at lvl 100.

I think that I have 2 options now that I broke my own limitation.

Option 1: I will roll for Saber Shiki so if I´m lucky enogth to summon her I could grail both Shikis to lvl 100 leave the rest on lvl 90 and wait till the release of Arcueid and leveled her to 100.

Option 2: Give 1 grail to all my most favorite servants, all will be at lvl 92 and will have that cool grial in ther card. Then wait till the release of Arcueid and leveled her to 100.

Favorite servants that I would put at lvl 92 would be: Salter, Tamamo, TamaShark, TamaCat, Quetz, Medusa, Shiki Saber, Kagetora (future), TamaVitch(future), All the Tamamo nine (dream future).

I only want to know your oppinions and know What would you do if you were in my place?

personally i dont grail from 90 to 100 unless im ready to have them go all the way to 100, i wouldnt like leaving them at a level that isnt a multiple of 10 lol. i usually dont grail all the way to 100 cause i feel it takes up too many grails. so its reserved for a special few servants (aka nobu and her alternate versions). ill usually just grail servants i like up to 90.

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Lol. Not to be dream crusher, but I wouldn’t plan my grails around a hypothetical with no factual basis. I’d love a Tsukihime collab, but…

You have a noble dream. I can respect that.

On topic: I grail my favourites to 100 because my favs are all SSRs :fgo_gudako:. Although, I’m also considering grailing Assassin Shiki to 100

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Hehe, nice to see someone else that is planning on grailing Kagetora.

It would bother me to see servants at level 92 so if I start to grail someone at that point I won’t stop until I hit 100.
Fortunately for me the only remaining servant I’m currently interested in grailing to level 100 will be released next year so I have time to hoard some more grails.

For me it is more appealing to go with option 1 but I don’t have as many favourite units as you do… or rather I don’t feel a need to grail most of them so I can’t give suitable advice.

i still have hope nobukatsu saber will one day be released :fgo_jeannu:

grail the shiks to 100

Leaving Servants at weird levels like 92 bugs the shit out of me. I only left one of mine there because I was out of archive space and wanted to get started feeding her XP. Looking forward to the next few grails.

Speaking of grails, you will have many. You get enough this year alone (not counting grails for first time event completion) to grail two SSRs to 100 and have a grail left over, and that’s in addition to the pile of grails you have or will have earned from completing all of the story sections leading up to this year.

Next year adds something like 14 more grails + potential grails from reruns.

Finish grailing shiki, and do not bother with a single grail for the rest.

Dont´n take it to seriously, even if she is released someday I will have like 2 years to get her grails and materials.

Well dreaming is free after all.

Thanks to every one I think I will go for my option 1. Wish me luck with Saber Shiki

Do it, if you gave her golden fous, then you love her enough to give 5 grails more.

split grails are kind of ugly, and you risk people assuming you only used one so your servant would show up first on the support list.
if you’re grailing for love, grail to 100.

if you love = grail to 100

if you gameplay like a bum = grail to 90

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I don’t grail past 90 myself, but that is an interesting compromise between not using too many grails ineffectively and still grailing 5 stars you like (I admit I’m tempted to give Angra a single grail just for the black grail visual on his card, so I understand to some degree). I wouldn’t do that myself because like others on here I think the multiples of ten are nice to keep to. And more importantly to me I have too many favorites I want to grail, so I mostly give them to favorites that are stuck at lower star levels.