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Hello everyone.sometimes with good ce or good servants,one may finish an event sooner than the intended time.for events with lottory even after buying everything from shop,one would spend alot to continue farming.but what about normal events that don’t have anything else other than shop?what should I do?should I continue farming for currency to turn into qp at the end of event or Spend my remaining free time and ap on something else ?

If you think that you still need QP then continue, if not then just use you AP on whatever you want


Usually (unless it’s specifically said otherwise) event drops for mats aren’t better than drops from free quests. And gold currency to QP conversions most times aren’t stellar as well. So if you are done with the event and its shop, just go farm something else. There’s always something to farm. QP. Pages. BONES.

Lottos are special cases because you get a lot for time and AP spent farming lotto currency nodes. Normal events are mostly “complete and move on”.

The only thing that you can consider farming here, according to GP farming guide, is Lancer secret gems.


Just to be a bit more explicit about BadWolfVindici’s calculation, it’s less useful to farm currency for QP than to just farm QP on doors.

A Doors run will cost 40 AP for about 1.2 - 1.5 million QP. At 10,000 QP for 2 Frog Incense Burners, your 40 AP event free quest runs with all drops would need to be netting 240 - 300 burners per run – and even in the best quest, I don’t think you can pack enough MLB drop CE for that to be possible, even if you had it available.

As stated above, it’s usually inefficient to farm event nodes once the shop is clear, with a handful of notable exceptions. Personally, since I am in the phase of FGO development where I don’t really need anything in particular, in that I am mostly raising servants that I don’t really plan to use or have already stockpiled plenty of mats for, I mostly burn my extra AP on doors. Just because I can still find plenty of things to spend QP on, and it only takes a few minutes to knock out 140 AP with DSS.

I suppose you could farm free quests if you need a specific material, but the drop rates are so terrible in free quests, I just don’t bother, anymore. There will probably be an event shop with whatever you need at some point, anyway.


Normally, i would continue to farm the gold node for both QP and mat drop even after clearing the event shop.

If i have over abundance of the gold node mat drop, then i go run the doors then go farm free quest for the mats I am short supply off.

Farming the event for QP from currency does have some considerations.
Primarily, how many gold drop CE you have.

I had 4 MLB Gold CE in Ooku. I was getting ~150+ drops a run. It was just as profitable as doors for me.

I’d just farm for bond points reward at this moment.

Typically I continue on with the Free Quest in the events that has the highest Master XP, Bond XP, Mystic XP and Gold item Drops. I fit my team with Mystic, Master, Bond CE’s and go to town. The gold item drops are a bonus for QP but these quests give a considerable amount more of XP in those other categories than I can get anywhere else. I can always farm QP or specific drops, but only in events get this much XP per run.

Examples of the XP earned run. This was done with a 15% Bond CE support.


Here’s how I figure it out when I have extra AP:

  • If you have a particular Servant in mind to raise up, check how your material stores measure up to their needs and farm those materials as top priority. I’ve spent most of my dead weeks farming any excess I needed for Arjuna Alter, for instance. If your target Servant is a ways off, make sure you consider future event shops too.
  • If there’s a banner you intend to roll in the next little while, farm bond for more SQ. I normally won’t do this until my target banner is less than a month away.
  • If my QP is over ~300mil, farm Embers and raise whatever neglected Servants I have in whatever random classes I get Embers for. If QP is under 300mil, farm QP.
  • If I can’t stand to look at doors anymore, farm currencies I know are gonna make me suffer at some point, like bones or hearts.

If only we had an egg node already

Don’t remind me


Oi I’m right behind you or slightly above depending on gacha fortune

In fairness it’s not as bad as it looks, that’s me planning to have enough spare to 10/10/10 all my major targets until Castoria on the day they drop.

But 0 still looks a bit scary.

If you have a stupid amount of gold currency-drop CEs AND the best gold node also sports mats you fancy, there may be a sweet spot where the variety of obtainable stuff you can get can make it interesting alongside a decent QP income and possible gems/pieces/monuments. But that is not a rule per se.
I personally live in the Salem Courthouse outside of events and the associated Ozy/Martha/Medusa 3T comp is the only mat-farming dedicated party preset that I never overwrite.

after clearing the missions and shop i just go back to bond farming

Farming QP through event shops is rarely efficient. Daily Mission QP Nodes can be supplemented with Mona Lisa/Belle Lisa. If some nodes have good drop rates for a mat, then do that but best evaluate it against non-event free quests first.

If you have nothing else to farm, experiment on, or accomplish with an event feel free to move on to other things even if the event still has several days left.

I really like this idea. I’m going to try it while experimenting with different parties. Thanks for sharing!

Welcome. Here’s my set up and CE’s. The Support CE I get is the Bond 15% (Chaldea Teatime) one. The Node I’m farming in this event is an Assassin one.

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