What would you like from the 5th anniversary?

Since we’re looking forward to the 3rd anniversary of NA, what would you like from the 5th anniversary of JP?

As a quick recap:

  • 3rd Anniversary introduced Skadi, added the command code feature, gave out special CEs and featured memorial quests alongside the usual bonuses like SQ, tickets and singularity summons.

  • 4th Anniversary introduced Rider Da Vinci, added the command card enhancement feature, added a new set of 1-2 stars to the FP summon, added rank-up quests, added more extra master missions, increased summoning from 10 to 11, added the consecutive battle feature, and once again gave out special CEs, featured memorial quests and gave SQ, tickets and featured singularity/lostbelt summons.

Do you think they’ll slow back down after the amount they added in the 4th, or keep adding more?
If they were to add a new feature, what do you think it would be?

Personally what I’d like from the next anniversary is any of these things:

  • More rank-up quests (some servants really need them and it’s been a while since we got a large set of these at once).
  • More command codes added (notably there isn’t any basic command code that increases NP gain rate of the card, that would be pretty nice among other possible codes).
  • Addition of more 1-2 star servants (probably a lot to ask after they just did on the 4th, but it would still be nice).
  • Muramasa being added, either as the featured anniversary servant or as a lower star servant.
  • Animation fixes for early servants (another big thing to ask, but poor Cu Caster hardly shows up in the story and he’s stuck with basic animations until he’s relevant again, and he’s not the only one that suffers this fate).
  • Might overlap with the above suggestion, fixes to early servant’s internals.
  • More costumes perhaps, at least the slight change costumes since those are easier to add.
  • Can’t think of a new feature they could add, I think they’ve already done everything they can to command cards, so maybe more Master features such as more options for how to use command seals (though it’d be difficult to not invade upon the function of Mystic Codes, so I’m not sure)?

Mmh, overall i choose

This, maybe with unique gimmick, like summer bb with lock cards (sure is a powerfull skill maybe put some limit as 1 turn duration)



More fix than new feature, but if even Altria’s original armor + inv. sword is now a costume instead of a fix with second ascension …

  • use 3 command spell to refill AP bar
  • upgrade Bond CE stats or let use upgrade these with golden fou (i don’t say a lot but at least 500/1000 …)
  • all 3 support preset available for friends, each of us will have more servants with time and WANT to share each of them with everyone else. At least for friends, let us see all 3 support list so we have more choice.

Bond 15 is achievable and unlocks a wedding cutscene + new servant bond ce that gives 2k atk and def
More support slots (espacially extra class)
Some needed old servant fixes (saxon human to humanoid and hyde can use his np as a regular buster card etc.)
a seperate f2p gacha that changes 1-2-3 star servants with 1-2-3 star command codes
Also a defensive command code would be nice (party-wide 20%def up for one turn etc.)


Introduce a new servant that makes the extra card broken ushering in a new age of extra card meta

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I sincerely doubt they would ever do it but a ticket for a free Limited SR would be awesome. I only even suggest it because anniversaries at five year intervals are generally considered to be big ones, in my experience, and as much as I like this game I doubt it will make it to ten years. So if they were ever going to do it, I feel this would be the time to do so.

Like I said though, I very much doubt it will happen.


5* exchange ticket :fgo_buster: (only those in special summon ofc)


Especially for old servants like Hawaiian shirt Cu, Gil’s black suit etc.

Pls DW


I would pay way too much money for some good costumes in the game maybe a costume gacha/store. I’m sure people would prefer they remain free but I just want a lot more of them like with Azure Lane

Seeing Saber on the logo got me hoping for a buff, idc if it’s wishful thinking I’ll be disappointed if she’s there just because.

no :clap: more :clap: vanilla :clap: Charisma :clap:

3rd Anni gave a good number of RuQs so I want it to happen again


I would like a whole bunch of SQ.


Since it’s the 5th anniversary how about a free 5* :fgo_ereshwoah:

A crazy fever dream I know but one can wish :fgo_ereshdistress:


Hell, I’ll be fine with even just finally separating “Extra” slot into proper slots, one for each extra class. Variety of extra classes and populance of characters in each is big enough already to warrant it. Then we would see MUCH more rare characters on support.


So basically a slot with just BB in it. Got it :fgo_ereshwoah:

Oh and that one guy who likes Ganesha too I guess… :fgo_mhxastare:

Well we still have a lot of servants with vanilla charisma like Salter, Lalter and Ozy

Ha? You see something wrong with giving one slot, just to your amazing kouhai Great BB-chan, senpai? :fgo_bbgrin:



Probably we will still have the vanilla charismas for a long time

Well that’s one way to completely misunderstand the intentions of a post I guess.

What a drag.

No it’s just that people who joined after her rerun will feel bad for not getting her is all ehehe… :fgo_ereshwoah:

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Instead of splitting up the extra slot, just make multiple All slots. Three of them. That way you can obtain friend points from Waver, Tamamo, Skadi, and Merlin. :fgo_buster: