What would you like from the 5th anniversary?

Good point - add cheat character 6* BB with 0.00000001 chance to pull to general pool for anniv :fgo_bbgrin:




wtf are you doing here

I’m everywhere

I’m a simple man. I just want everything.

QLQ improvements, 5* chance increase, 5* Free Ticket, Broken units, lots of free quartz for another cummulative thing, etc. Every good thing, just make it rain.


PATXI 1-2* Archer
Agravain 1-2* Saber

LB5.2 Spoiler

Kadoc 1-2* Caster

Yeah that’s pretty much it give me my boys


That’s a really good idea, I know people tend to complain about bond CEs having terrible stats.

I’m not sure which I want more, but either one of these options would be great in order to make the support less limited. That first suggestion I see as being a great way to have both meta supports and more unique supports and the third being an event support during events. Second suggestion I’ve been wanting them to add for a while, I just forgot when making this thread. All slot loses its value if it’s the only way you can feature more than one extra class servant. Though multiple All slots could fix that as well.

I guess if they were to add more command codes it would be nice to make it a separate thing in order to increase the chances.

Always up for more bond CEs, though if they increase the bond level attainable for every servant won’t that cancel out the use of bond grails up to this point? Or is that not what you mean?

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Actually you already can designate a support list in Jp to be an “event support” list and a “regular list” and only servants from that list will show up. I don’t think most gamepress users know about that, even the ones who play jp.

Oh, I didn’t know that. When did they implement that feature? I didn’t see it in the anniversary news pages. That’s pretty useful.

I don’t know when they implemented it.

The buttons, red and blue, in the bottom right corner are for changing what kind of list it is. Red is for event I think. You’ll also see a blue message next to my friend code at the top indicating that this is a regular support list.

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That’s wonderful :heart_eyes: something less to hope for.

Okay, another thing to add because I was reminded by the insane thing that is Dioscuri.

  • Add passives for early servants.
    As we’ve moved ahead there have been more and more random passives added to servants (which are a neat way to incorporate more lore) and then there’s Mata Hari that has no passives at all. Another notable thing is that Dioscuri has a skill that’s clearly a buff to Voyager of the Storm and it didn’t cancel out their Rider passive. So let’s just do away with the whole ‘you have this skill so you don’t get this passive’ thing and restore passives to Drake, Blackbeard, Mata Hari and Yan Qing, to give a few examples. And of course add passives to other starters that could reasonably get one based on their lore.

I still don’t like that system since things like hunting quests count as events and most people forget to update their event support lists so it becomes hard to find units without CEs from the last event. I also had a hard time telling what people would normally have on their support list so I’d grow attached to an Arjuna alter with Kscope and then outside of events it’s a Cu alter and I have to figure out some other farming strat. I’d prefer if they’d just let people use multiple support lists like others have suggested.

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Yes I concur. Have an option to share a “regular” support list and an event one at the same time.

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Oh, I thought that was what bobmonkeys meant. If not, then that should definitely be an option.

The problem with this is: you could easily forget who has what on which list and waste a looot of time switching in between ( remember how even now, when searching for some specific servant, you may need to check both class and wildcards slot after each support list refresh). God knows, I only remember a few friends supports, what will I do when everybody will share 3 lists :scream:

Though allowing players to mark one lists as, say, “main” and “event” will help with this, yes. Lets go with this

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Fair point, all three might be a bit much, but using the regular/event feature JP already has in order to have two support sets available at the same time would be nice.