What would you pair with Scrafty?

Just got Scrafty double moved. Who to pair with it? I was thinking A-wak & azu?

Probably a poison or steel type, to counter Fairy types


Personally I wouldn’t use it at all right now. All I’m seeing is the boring meta now, no one having fun with off-meta Pokemon.

Considering it’s double weak to fairy-type attacks, something like a Toxicroak would be nice. Haunter is another option since Scrafty is weak to Fighting as well.

I have found that it paired with skarmory and whiscash is workable. He’s just super fun, especially when your opponent switches in a haunter or A- marowak. Today I switched to Munchlax lead with skarmory and whiscash and was 18-25

Something that can counter Charm users is nigh mandatory. Registeel or Bastiodon are good examples of this.

Why would you bring toxicroak, another fighter and also weak against fairies?
Also Alomarowak is already great against fairies
@Whiteybored1984: The first team you thought of is decent and imo better than that with whiscash - what do you with that one when you encounter other fighting types?

Toxicroak is part poison which cancels out the fairy weakness and let’s his stab attacks hit them for SE damage.

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Well - just try a toxicroak vs wigglytuff (or clefable) :D

This functions only if shields are down. And also only with poison jab.

Then have fun seeing this:

Scrafty to Umbreon encounter, opponent switches to Wigglytuff, You switch to Registeel, opponent somehow survives long enough for him to swap down into Swampert to kill your Registeel before you can click the Flash Cannon Button. You send out Meganium Thinking you can win only to meet a in the face Hydro Cannon bluff AND Sludge Wave, killing your Meganium, baring your Scrafty out, opponent swaps to Wiggly and kills you.

Funnily enough, for a while I was winning wrong lead matchups in Master League but sucked when I had lead advantage. The switch to soft counter and then shield admin was working for me better than if I had to follow switches quick, and in the end it was terrible. Best case scenario was neutral matchups, that’s where the real fun gameplay is, but it’s extremely rare in ML.

Not so much in GL, but still losing lead matchup is not the end of the world. The scenario that you describe is perfectly normal.

I would not use Scrafty at all, but if you do, I don’t think Toxicroak is the one you’ll want to pair it with. You might want to bring 1 hard counter to Fairies/Fighting/Flying, and a soft counter to those. Since, obviously, if you switch to a steel-type against a fairy-type, they’ll switch out. And you’ll need something else to bring that fairy down later

If you switch into a hard counter after they switch away, your switch clock is almost synchronized, so you can pretty much know when they will swap, and when you can swap

Fava beans and a nice Chianti

…oh you meant “who”…

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I’d do a steel/rock boi. Probopass would be nice because he at least has a thunderbolt for Azumarill, not to mention stopping all the fliers and charmers that gives Scrafty trouble. The bummer matchups against the whole meta outside of regi tho does kinda push Scrafty out, but on the other hand I’ve been seeing a ton of umbreon, and he takes that to school.

Might be a stretch but I think you could really make Scrafty good with a Ferroseed as a bodyguard. It would leave you pretty open to skarmory, but azumarill (by far what I’ve been seeing most of) gets buried by ferroseed.
Replace marowak in your original lineup with ferroseed and I think you got yourself a stew!

Lose. Lol

Scrafty, Registeel, Hypno may work well. Hypno is a safe switch to most of the meta and does well in neutral matchups.

What moves do you use with Hypno? I finally made one once I caught a shiny with low attack, still making my Scrafty–evolved Scraggy and perfect 1500 trying to get the other move.

The norm for the longest time was shadow ball/thunder punch but lately most people are running ice/thunder punch. They’re all usable moves, but I think thunder punch is pretty inevitable because then you have a decent matchup against azumarill that way.

Here’s my two cents Scrafty, wigglytuff/clefable, skarmory